Attention volunteers, workers, area business owners, and local residents affected by the Gulf Oil Spill

Life Care Solutions Group's Dr. Greg Vigna MD offers free medical reviews for Gulf Oil Spill workers. It's like having an on-call physician in your back pocket.

May 29, 2013, 08:00 ET from Life Care Solutions Group

CONCORD, Calif., May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time of emergency, men and women from across the US stepped up to help the gulf states in cleanup and recovery efforts following the massive Gulf Oil Spill of 2010. To their dismay, instead of leaving a positive lasting impression on the area, the effects of the exposure to oil and clean up chemicals have left the courageous workers with serious health complications.


Where can these volunteers, workers, area business owners, and local residents affected by the Gulf Oil Spill go for help?

To help those who so selflessly gave of their time to cleanup the gulf shoreline following this disaster The Life Care Solutions Group has launched is a free help portal that connects those with health complications due to the Gulf Oil Spill with the site's team, led by Dr. Greg Vigna, for a medical condition review and continued help with serious injuries.

The most common medical challenges facing those who came in contact with excess oil and clean up chemicals during the spill include:

  • Visual challenges from chronic eye irritation and burning sensations
  • Dermatological irritations such as skin rashes
  • Respiratory complications
  • Various conditions of the ear, nose and throat

Seeking medical attention for these health problems is vital. Even those without funds to pay for care may qualify to be treated out of a proposed settlement fund. Dr. Greg Vigna and the Life Care Solutions Group team of medical and continued care professionals urge workers and residents who think they may have suffered a serious injury due to the oil spill to get a medical review and fight for the quality care they deserve.

To receive a free medical review of your gulf oil spill related injury from a board certified doctor visit today.

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