August 15, 2013 in Times Square: RELLECIGA will Bring Something Big to You!

Aug 21, 2013, 00:14 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HONG KONG, Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On a hot working day, people move along the busy streets without any expression on their faces. All around them are buildings that will never end. It seems that their passion has run out. What can cheer them up? What can refresh their minds? What can cool them down?

RELLECIGA ("RC") Bikinis are going to land on the LCD Screen in Times Square, on 7th Ave, in Manhattan, New York City, on August 15, 2013 AGAIN! In just two days! Bikinis are always linked to sexy and hot ladies. The gorgeous angels of RC look curvaceous and beautiful in RC's eye-catching bikinis. With such a sexy lady on the LCD Screen, who can just slip away instead of slowing down and having a look at her?

Last year, RC displayed its "Yellow Storm, Yellow Dream" advertisement, the 1st bikini brand to be shown on a Times Square screen, and got the whole city astir. Over 500 mainstream press outlets, websites and media reported the amazing news that day. This year, we expect to give you more!

Incredible RIKINI - A Trend for 2014!

What is a RIKINI? It's a bikini that can be worn in various ways, or that has many collocations in one style. No matter what your style is - sexy, fashionable, fresh or sweet - RIKINI can bring you all! Moreover, you can easily change your style in just one minute. Just one RIKINI is able to bring all the possibilities that you can imagine. This will definitely become the trend of 2014.

As we all know, it is easy for girls to be trapped in this dilemma - they feel it hard to select one exact item because they like both items and want to have various looks, while their budget is limited. RELLECIGA has noticed this problem, which is why we are debuting RIKINI.

What's inside the "R" of RIKINI? It stands for Redefine, Refresh and Rebuild. RIKINI is not only a kind of clothes that can cover your body and lift your summer look, but it also carries the spirit of the Internet - openness, innovativeness and equality. There are no boundaries about RIKINI - you can wear it in the ways you like and create your own style! You can become a designer and stylist of your own with the help of RIKINI! Let's look forward to it and inspire your imagination with it.

Another Trend You Can't Miss in 2014 - Retro Style will Heat up the Beach

One word to watch next year: Retro-styled. Leather handbags, "bell-bottom jeans," poodle skirts, big sunglasses, fedoras, funky jackets are all representative of retro style. It is always in the core of the fashion world, and this time, it's hitting the swimwear industry! High waists, as a representative element of the retro style, are now popular in bikinis.

Fashion has thrown this curve ball at you, and RELLECIGA will bring high waist bikinis to you in the near future, as RELLECIGA is always one step ahead of competitors. For the coming 2014 summer bikini season, we take high waist bikinis really seriously. In most people's minds, a bikini is all about sexy and little cloth. However, RC tells you "No". Bikinis can also be noble and gorgeous - High waist bikinis are not only able to bring out the feminine and sexy sides out of you, but also make you a goddess at the beach and pool side. And remember, high waist bikinis are better on RC.

RELLECIGA keeps creating new fancy things and that's why it's so popular among young girls around the world. This month, on August 15th, RC is going to make the first amazing punch to the market. Just reach Times Square in New York City! You can get more than you can imagine. For more news and products about RELLECIGA, please check: or keep a close eye on our official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.