AUO Showcases Next-generation UHD 4K Wide Color Gamut TV Panels

Ultra high resolution, innovative value-added applications and integrated touch solutions all on display at Touch Taiwan 2013

Aug 26, 2013, 04:18 ET from AU Optronics Corp.

HSINCHU, Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), the world's leading provider of optoelectronic solutions, today announced its participation in Touch Taiwan 2013 (International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition 2013) from August 28 to 30. With "Picture the Future with Innovation" being the theme, AUO will showcase a variety of ultra high resolution, innovative value-added display applications, and high efficiency integrated touch solutions to unveil a touch of the future with cutting edge display technologies. In terms of high-end TV applications, AUO will showcase 65 and 55-inch UHD 4K Wide Color Gamut TV Panels offering ultra high resolution, fine and stereoscopic images.

Highlights at Touch Taiwan 2013 also include: the world's largest(*) 6.5-inch Full HD OGS Touch Panel for smartphone; 55-inch Super Slim Dual Side Display on its debut; 5 to 6.5-inch large-sized smartphone displays with HD720 and Full HD ultra high resolution; ultra slim, ultra high resolution and flexible AMOLED smartphone displays; Embedded Touch Panel (eTP) offering standardized integrated touch solutions for touch-enabled notebook PCs; a series of ultra slim and high resolution displays for tablet applications.

Next-generation UHD 4K Wide Color Gamut TV Panels

AUO has successfully developed UHD 4K technology and will demonstrate 65 and 55-inch next-generation UHD 4K Wide Color Gamut TV Panels, which are equipped with Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology with saturation of over 100% NTSC. The panels feature Ultra HD resolution of 3840x2160 with 120Hz frame rate, and boast true colors with 3D-like effect to offer exquisitely fine images that transform viewers' experiences.

High saturation displays for professional monitors

AUO's 27-inch Adobe RGB High Color Monitor Display, intended for professional graphic designs and image processing, has a high resolution of 2560x1440. Its 100% Adobe RGB presents colors in their most delicate, lifelike manner, with nearly no color difference when compared with actual print. Users can examine more accurately the colors and details of their works on monitor screens.

Integrated Super Slim Dual Side Display for diverse applications

The 55-inch Full HD Super Slim Dual Side Display, demonstrated for the first time, has a module thickness that is 70% less than that of two conventional modules bundled together. The super slim design saves significant space. Separate images shown on both sides create more flexibility for information display in public. The display could be widely applied in public spaces such as shopping malls, retailers, airports, metro stations, banks and financial institutions, museums and exhibition halls. AUO has proactively developed PIDs for fields as varied as business, education, and cultural and creative industries. Innovative technologies and total solutions are offered to create diverse and high value-added application opportunities.

Large-sized, ultra high resolution smartphone displays stretch image quality to new limits

Displays with application for smartphones have become larger in size, slimmer in figure and higher in resolution. AUO will showcase 6.5-inch Full HD OGS Touch Panel, which is currently the world's largest(*) Full HD smartphone display commercially available. The display is equipped with AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) technology and has color saturation as high as 100% NTSC. The super narrow border design allows the screen to appear at its largest in the cellphone's display area to deliver the ultimate visual and entertainment experience, fulfilling users' ultimate desires for high-end mobile devices. In addition, 5 and 5.7-inch HD720 and Full HD ultra high resolution displays will also be exhibited.

Technology of 4.3-inch Ultra High Resolution Full HD Panel with 512 PPI (pixel per pitch) will also be demonstrated, reaching saturation as high as 95% NTSC. High aperture ratio, super narrow border and AHVA technologies altogether raise resolution significantly and reduce around 40% of power consumption when compared with conventional designs.

Complete line of eTP to enhance production efficiency

AUO combines leading TFT-LCD technology with OGS (One Glass Solution) to develop the all new integrated eTP solution that includes touch panels from 11.6, 14 to 15.6 inches. The brand new design easily achieves edge-to-edge like system outlook or narrow bezels for touch-enabled notebook PCs. In addition, eTP's ultra slim touch module, high transmission and standardized specifications effectively increase production rate and cost efficiency due to streamlined integration. AUO's eTP is the best choice for customers seeking integrated touch solutions.

Ultra slim and high resolution displays for tablet applications

In terms of tablet applications, AUO will exhibit 7 and 8-inch AHVA High Resolution Displays for tablets, with a high resolution of 1920x1200. WCG technology on 10.1-inch tablet display will also be on showcased. Its 95% NTSC high color saturation and AHVA design enable users to obtain equally clear views from different angles. AUO will also introduce ultra-slim high resolution 10.1-inch panel technology, in which Oxide TFT is used to achieve a high resolution of 2560x1600, delicately displaying the fineness and details of images. The technology achieves 12% more transmittance, a mere 1.5mm panel thickness, and saves still more power, leading the trend for ultra slim mobile devices with high resolution.

Ultra high resolution, slim and flexible AMOLED technologies

AUO's next-generation AMOLED technologies will also make appearance during the show. In terms of smartphone applications, both AUO's 5-inch Full HD AMOLED display with the world's highest resolution(*) and 5-inch HD720 display employ the Company's enhanced pixel designs. As a result, the 5-inch Full HD AMOLED display successfully overcomes challenges posed by fine shadow mask and reaches resolution as high as 443ppi.

AUO will also demonstrate 4.3-inch Flexible AMOLED technology, which adopts plastic substrate and thin film encapsulation to devise a flexible and ultra slim AMOLED panel with thickness of only 0.2mm. In the future, the technology could be applied to smart mobile devices to create a highly satisfactory and revolutionary experience for consumers.

During Touch Taiwan, AUO President Mr. Paul Peng will speak as the Chairman of the Taiwan Display Union Association to deliver a speech titled "Displays Show the Way to New Lifestyles" on Aug. 29 in the FPD International Taiwan 2013 Seminar. Dr. Frank Ko, AUO Vice President of Technology & Strategic Development Office, will also share his views and speak on the title of "Eyeing the Future: Changes & Innovations of the Display Industry". You are cordially invited to witness AUO's diverse advanced display technologies and applications at Touch Taiwan 2013!

* Based on the available market research information as of August 26, 2013.

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