AuRico Gold Announces Continued Exploration Success at Young-Davidson

Nov 06, 2012, 08:59 ET from AuRico Gold Inc.

TORONTO, Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - AuRico Gold Inc. (TSX:AUQ) (NYSE: AUQ), ("AuRico" or "the Company") today provided an update on its 2012 exploration program at the Young-Davidson mine, located in Ontario, Canada. Drill results continue to demonstrate potential immediately to the west of the mine.

The Company currently has five diamond drills on surface exploring a number of target areas.  Year to date, almost 29,000 metres have been completed, focusing primarily on two areas:

  • The YD West Zone, which is located west of the Main Zone below the 9,500 metre level.  This zone, first discovered in 2010, has been further defined to the west and at depth and remains open in both directions.
  • The West Shirriff area, which is located immediately to the west of the YD West Zone (Figure 1).  Results from this zone show anomalous gold of the same rock type and alteration type as the main zones that make up the Young-Davidson mine.

Chris Rockingham, AuRico's Vice President of Exploration commented "Results are in line with expectations and we are pleased that the drill program continues to demonstrate that mineralization extends well beyond the existing reserve.  Additional work will be conducted to further test the continuity of the YD West Zone to the west and at depth.  Preliminary information from the West Shirriff area provides encouragement for mineralization beyond YD West, approximately 1 kilometre from the mine."

The objective of the 2012 exploration program is to focus on continuing to better define the YD West Zone and to conduct follow-up drilling on additional targets.

YD West Zone:

11 of 14 planned holes have been completed, with the balance in progress. Seven holes successfully intersected the YD West horizon whereas four holes were dyked out at the target horizon.  All seven intersections contained gold bearing intervals and six of these contained seven intervals that exceeded the cutoff grade of 1.1 g/t Au over a mineable width for classification as a resource.  The following intervals also exceeded the cutoff grade of 1.7 g/t over a mineable width for classification as reserve:

  • 16.9 metres grading 3.99 g/t Au (YD12-253),
  • 66.8 metres grading 1.89 g/t Au, including 21 metres  grading 2.5 g/t Au (YD12-253A)
  • 9.9 metres grading 1.71 g/t Au (YD12-253C)
  • 11.6 metres of 2.77 g/t Au (YD12-266)

One drill hole (YD12-266) intersected a gold zone about 55 metres further into the footwall than forecast in an altered brecciated syenite structural zone.  This is a new style of gold mineralization on the property and the orientation of the structural zone is being investigated with new drilling.

West Shirriff

Eleven (11) holes have been drilled elsewhere on the property, with the most encouraging results coming from two holes in the West Shirriff area (YD12-257A and YD12-262). Both holes intersected low grade gold mineralization hosted in syenite with similar mineralization and alteration to the Main Zone and YD West Zone. The significance of this is that most of the current open pit and underground resources are related to syenite-hosted gold and almost all of the historical production at the Young-Davidson mine and 60% of the production from the MCM Mine was from syenite-hosted gold mineralization

Hole 257A intersected an upper zone of 0.42 g/t Au over 25.2 metres and a lower zone of 0.42 g/t Au over 14.2 metres while YD12-262 further west intersected 6.0 metres grading 0.39 g/t Au and a lower zone of 8.4 metres grading 0.30 g/t as shown in Figure 2. Although not ore grade, these intersections are considered important. The Company believes that the targets were not drilled to the appropriate depth and that there may be an excellent exploration target similar to the YD West Zone at depth below the 9500L.

Figure 1: Long section view facing north showing (from left to right) the West Shirriff area, the YD West Zone and the western portion of Young-Davidson mine.

Figure 2 - YD West Zone longitudinal section looking north

Table 1 - YD West Zone Drill Results

Hole ID From (m) To (m) Interval (m) ~True Thickness Au g/t* Comments
YD11-249 813.4 832.6 19.2 8.5 1.14 YD West Zone
incl 824.5 832.6 8.1 3.6 1.49  
YD11-250A           Did not reach target-stuck in fault
YD11-251A 987.4 990.3 2.90 2.2 5.74 Upper YD West
  999.2 1023.3 24.10 18.1 0.96 YD West Zone
YD12-252 1432.5 1517.7 85.2 63.9 0.90 YD West Zone
incl 1432.5 1468.2 35.70 26.8 1.09 YD West Zone
incl 1505.3 1515.8 10.50 7.9 1.23 YD West Zone
YD12-251B           Dyked out.
YD12-253 1320.2 1334.2 16.90 12.7 3.99 YD-Main YD-West convergence
  1505.3 1517.7 12.40 9.3 1.16 YD West FW Zone
  1505.3 1514.3 9.00 6.8 1.37 YD West FW Zone
YD12-253A 1370.3 1437.1 66.80 50.1 1.89 YD West Zone
incl 1385.0 1396.7 11.70 8.8 2.81  
incl 1405.0 1426.0 21.00 15.8 2.50  
YD12-253B 1340.8 1344.5 3.70 2.8 1.92 YD West Zone - Faulted/Dyked out partial
YD12-253C 1352.1 1367.4 15.30   1.38 YD West Zone
incl 1352.1 1362.0 9.9   1.71  
YD12-266 1245.7 1247.2 1.50 Pending interpretation 2.05 YD West -HW Zone
  1309.1 1320.7 11.60 Pending interpretation 2.77 Lower/Displaced YD West-Sheared
incl 1316.8 1320.7 3.90   5.37  

Table 2 - Shirriff Area Drill Results

Hole ID From (m) To (m) Interval (m) ~True Thickness Au g/t* Comments
YD12-257A 599.3 624.5 25.20 18.9 0.42 Upper Shirriff
  627.0 641.2 14.20 10.7 0.42 Upper Shirriff
YD12-262 789.4 795.4 6.00 4.5 0.39 West Shirriff-Upper
  804.5 812.9 8.40 6.3 0.30 West Shirriff-Lower

* No capping required as no samples exceeded 20 g/t.

Technical Information and Qualified Persons

The assay analyses performed during AuRico's drill programs are subject to a formal quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) program supervised by an independent expert.  Additional information about the mineral project as required by sections 3.2 and 3.3 of National Instrument 43-101 - Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects ("NI 43-101") can be found in the Technical Report filed on August 28, 2009, which may be found at

The Company's exploration team designed and executed the drilling program under the supervision of Chris Rockingham, P. Geol., AuRico's Vice President of Exploration and a Qualified Person as defined by 43-101, who has reviewed and approved the content of this news release.

About AuRico Gold AuRico Gold is a leading Canadian gold producer with a diversified portfolio of high quality mines and projects in North America that have significant production growth and exploration potential. Following the divestiture of Ocampo, the Company will be focused on its core operations including the Young-Davidson gold mine in northern Ontario which declared commercial production on September 1st, 2012 and the El Chanate mine in Sonora State. AuRico's strong project pipeline also includes advanced development opportunities in Mexico and British Columbia. AuRico's head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cautionary Statement

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Appendix -Drill Collar Tables

(i) YD West Zone

Home Name Mine Easting Mine Northing Mine Elevation UTM Nad83E UTM Nad83N Elevation (m) Azimuth Dip TDepth
YD11-249 22810.0 10250.0 10327.0 522810.0 5310250.0 327.0 299.0 -71.5 859.0
YD11-250A 22446.3 9864.5 10379.1 522446.3 5309864.5 379.1 356.0 -72.5 855.0
YD11-251 22526.9 10042.9 10382.2 522526.9 5310042.9 382.3 354.8 -72.2 96.0
YD11-251A 22526.5 10042.8 10382.1 522526.5 5310042.8 382.1 354.8 -70.0 1075.6
YD12-251B 22526.5 10042.8 10382.1 522526.5 5310042.8 382.1 354.8 -70.0 1080.0
YD12-252 22489.5 9852.8 10368.4 522489.5 5309852.8 368.5 351.7 -70.2 1584.0
YD12-252A 22489.5 9852.8 10368.4 522489.5 5309852.8 368.5 351.7 -70.2 636.0
YD12-253 22540.0 9855.0 10360.0 522540.0 5309855.0 360.0 357.0 -70.2 1506.0
YD12-253A 22540.0 9855.0 10360.0 522540.0 5309855.0 360.0 352.1 -69.6 1515.0
YD12-253B 22540.0 9855.0 10360.0 522540.0 5309855.0 360.0 352.1 -69.6 1486.0
YD12-253C 22540.0 9855.0 10360.0 522540.0 5309855.0 360.0 352.1 -69.6 1506.0
YD12-266 22460.0 10044.0 10395.0 522460.0 5310044.0 395.0 355.0 -71.5 1368.0

(ii) Shirriff Area

Home Name Mine Easting Mine Northing Mine Elevation UTM Nad83E UTM Nad83N Elevation (m) Azimuth Dip TDepth
YD12-254 21865.0 9962.0 10348.0 521865.0 5309962.0 348.0 355.0 -71.0 1380.0
YD12-257 21978.0 10057.0 10335.0 521978.0 5310057.0 335.0 0.0 -68.5 309.0
YD12-257A 21978.0 10057.0 10335.0 521978.0 5310057.0 335.0 0.0 -68.7 1311.










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