Australian Associated Press and KnowledgeView Conclude Deal to Cater for Excellence in News Mobile and Tablet Publishing in Australia

Mar 28, 2011, 13:04 ET from KnowledgeView

LONDON, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Australian Associated Press (AAP) and KnowledgeView have raised the bar of the mobile technology industry in the region and worldwide when they concluded in December 2011 a wide-ranging agreement to co-develop and offer to the Australian publishing market advanced mobile, iPhone and iPad applications based on the 'Publish live mobile' technology from KnowledgeView.

AAP, considered to be the most reliable reference in Oceania for news sources that "brings the world to Australians [...] and takes the story of Australia to the world," has chosen KnowledgeView's technologies after thorough research to bring its subscribers the most advanced interactive offering in mobile devices news services to keep them up-to-date round the clock, using their preferred means of communication wherever and whenever.

Owned by Farfax Media, News Limited and other newspapers, AAP will be hosting, developing and supporting KnowledgeView's solutions for Web-Mobile, iPhone, and iPad. KnowledgeView's mobility products will be marketed to about 300 national, regional and community newspapers in Australia. This is a significant and well-earned breakthrough to AAP and KnowledgeView, thanks to the advanced video technology on the Web mobile, the e-reader and the off-line browsing capabilities the Publish live mobile technology offers.

"Signing a significant deal with a prestigious news organization such as AAP is a major milestone to KnowledgeView. Being shortlisted to provide the main Australian titles with mobile products' advanced technology ensures the high-calibre standards we praise ourselves to adopt and the vision driving us forward. KnowledgeView is putting significant invest-ment into mobile and tablet/e-readers devices technology and we are glad to work with AAP on solutions that provide additional revenues and extended reach for publishers," Dr. Ali Al Assam, Managing Director, KnowledgeView, commented.

The mobile products technologies enjoy a set of combined features such as the offline-browsing, breaking news and channel viewing, e-reader capabilities, sharing options, advanced search for tagged items and robust back-end connected to the editors newsroom.

"The KnowledgeView technology is a perfect fit for AAP," CEO, Bruce Davidson said.

"It was installed in a matter of weeks, and we had a sample newspaper on an iPad ready for marketing virtually immediately. I was very im-pressed with the level of service and support from KnowledgeView and look forward to working closely with the team in the future."

Australian Associated Press was founded in 1935. Today, it is a dynamic news enterprise moving over 1.6 billion words per year to all media - print broadcast and digital. In all, it sends 4000 data files to its subscrib-ers every day. It aims to provide the Australian media, private and public sector with a cost-effective, unbiased, reliable, comprehensive news and information resource.

About KnowledgeView:

KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in London and offices in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1995 to develop cross-media publishing, news management and editorial sharing systems. Users of KnowledgeView's Publish live solutions included the Independent News and Media, Guardian Media Group, News Corporation and the Washington Post. In the Middle East, KnowledgeView is a leading newspaper integrator, with over 40 media companies, providing consultancy as well as technology, acting as a marketing and technology bridge between Europe and the Arab World.

KnowledgeView's Publish live suite of products and services enables publishers to extend their reach and increase revenues, through easy multi-publishing to paper, Web, mobile iPhone and iPad.

KnowledgeView's RAPID Browser is a powerful news management and editorial sharing system for automating acquisition, classification and enhancement of news and media content and creating packages for cross-media publishing, designed to streamline production and create additional revenues.

RAPID Browser has set the standard for the next generation of news management systems, with its ability to gather content from a wide variety of sources such as news agencies, correspondents' reports, RSS and Web harvested feeds, and the power it puts in the hands of users to define their own ways of filtering and acting on items that match their interests. By integrating RAPID Browser with Adobe publishing software and with third-party publishing systems.

RAPID Archive, integrated with RAPID Browser, provides strategic rich-media archiving for publishers who want to syndicate or share editorial content.

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