Author Critiques Government Shutdown in 13-Stanza Satirical Verse

Author J.M. Hoffman laments "strange things done in Washington."

Oct 08, 2013, 12:31 ET from Uniquely Books

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- "There are strange things done in Washington," laments author J.M. Hoffman in his recently published satirical verse about the government shutdown.  Hoffman published the text of the work and a link to him performing it in the Huffington Post books section and on his personal blog.

Mirroring the meter and intricate rhymes of Robert Service's famous poem, "The Cremation of Sam McGee," Hoffman's 13-verse work critiques policies on both sides of the aisle.  He mocks banks that are "annoyed" because people don't like the loans the banks made to the "unemployed," and characterizes small-government advocates ("...who disagree") as people who think government has had "its at-bat and swung and missed for strike three."

Hoffman's surprise ending contrasts "our awe for order and law" with anarchy.

Better known for his thrillers and other writing than for poetry, Hoffman offers the backstory behind the composition on his author blog, noting that it was easier for him to write it than to perform it himself.

Hoffman says he's frustrated with the stalemate in D.C., so he jumped at the opportunity to adapt Service's poem for modern political critique.  He adds that he hopes his readers enjoy the diversion.

Hoffman authored two non-fiction books and contributed to over a dozen others before writing The Warwick Files. He signs his non-fiction with his full name and title, and his fiction with the shorter "J.M. Hoffman." He can be reached through his website at


SOURCE Uniquely Books