Author Goes Beyond Criticism and Offers Solutions to Naughty Catholic Church

Nov 16, 2015, 08:41 ET from Jack Doherty

OAKLAND, N.J., Nov. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Two recent Vatileaks books did nothing but add more gossip to the putrefying accounts of corruption, misbehavior and incompetence among cardinals and bishops of the Vatican governing body, the Curia.  In contrast, Jack Doherty, a Doctor of Theology and the author of How the Catholic Church Became Naughty...And the Real Hindrance to Reform, offers helpful solutions.

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Pope Francis has been making headlines with his attempts at reform, but he is naive if he thinks he will achieve change from the ranks of the ensconced clerics.  After a cursory review of the debauchery of the church during the Middle Ages and the period of the "bad popes" to our modern day with the Vatican in cahoots with the Mafia and Masons in money laundering, counterfeiting, and bank fraud to the bishop and priest child sex abuse scandal, the reader sees that the second part of the book's title is the take away.  The real roadblock to reform is church leaders' arrogant mentality of superiority over everyone and everything and their lust for power and control that motivates their naughtiness.  He calls it the "Vatican Mindset" and says that drastic changes in church administration are needed. 

He suggests that, among other innovations, religious sisters and brothers, as well as married catechists in mission lands, be considered for ordination to the priesthood.  And why not also working men and women from CEOs to janitors?  They could hold full-time jobs or practice their professions, while in their non-working time function as priests to celebrate the Eucharist and administer other sacraments.  His conclusion is that "Only a priesthood that includes married, celibate, male and female priests with a non-clerical mindset will bring about the needed reform of the Catholic Church" 

How the Catholic Church Became Naughty...And the Real Hindrance to Reform is available in both printed versions and digitally on Kindle, Nook, and Apple iPad.

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