Author, Ileana Araguti, has published her Nicaraguan War Memoir!

SHATTERED PARADISE: Memoirs of a Nicaraguan War Child

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Currently Readers' Favorite International Award Finalist, Inspirational Non-Fiction

"Wonderfully evokes Nicaragua's enchanting beauty and the enormity of its loss."-Kirkus Reviews

"Descriptive and compelling, Shattered Paradise brings the reader to this magical land, its folkloric culture and its diminishing wildlife." --Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite

Jul 02, 2013, 02:00 ET from Joseph Gutiz Publishing

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ileana Araguti's debut book, SHATTERED PARADISE: MEMOIRS OF A NICARAGUAN WAR CHILD, is a lyrical, stunning and poignant memoir of survival and quick adaption which takes place during the Nicaraguan civil war of the 70s and early 80s.


Ileana's compelling story is much more than your typical war story. The story evolves as a non-fiction work in the beautiful clouded rain forests of Nicaragua and the nearest Spanish colonial town of Jinotega. As early as six years old, she witnessed the effects of war first hand along side her mother. Araguti developed extreme phobia for schools in her town as they were used as hospitals to house the injured and the dead.  Her childhood continued its course as she struggled with the continuous war, family tragedies and bullying schoolmasters. Her story is an eye opener into the mind processes on the effects of war on children.

There may be countless war stories written by journalists around the world, soldiers, politicians, revolutionary women, and even boy soldiers but Araguti distinguishes herself as a former child of war from her native country of Nicaragua.  She's one of the first Nicaraguan authors to tell the story of a revolutionary war from a child's point of view. Her account tells a gripping story of a country once rich with natural resources and the enormous loss of its people.  How can the mind forget and make sense of incomprehensible things as a child?

Araguti not only survived but also wrote her story to share with the world that life is a privilege and is truly a beautiful treasure worth fighting for.  In SHATTERED PARADISE, Araguti returned to her native country of Nicaragua twenty-four years after her exile.  It was then that her lyrical and poignant story turned into a book.

Ileana Araguti came to the United States for good at the age of fourteen and graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 2004.  She has earned two Master Degrees in Arts and Education. Araguti is a mother of two and currently lives in Southern California. 

"From the tropical memories in Ileana Araguti's 'Shattered Paradise: Memoirs of a Nicaraguan War Child' flows tropical memories mixed with feelings of failures and promises. Her story is captivating, even riveting, within the best testimonio tradition: quite an accomplishment for her first book."--Francisco A. Lomelí, Professor, UCSB

"In her lyrical memoir, Ileana Araguti honors her native land in all of its beauty and conflicts with the kind of loving honesty every homeland deserves.  Shattered Paradise is one of the most moving memoirs I've read." --Bruce McAllister, author of The Village Sang to the Sea: A Memoir of Magic

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