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Jun 15, 2010, 15:25 ET from Teen Success

LOS ANGELES, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Author John A. Andrews, once a struggling actor and writer, founder of Teen Success®, has rolled out more than five groundbreaking, revolutionary, and empowering projects for teens within the last year. These timely innovations include the Teen Success Magazine®, Teen Success Symposium®, Teaching Teachers How To Teach Success®, Teen Success Curriculum®, and Teen Success®.  Teen Success is an empowerment movement whose mission is to empower teens to maximize their full potential to be successful and contributing citizens in the world. As the co-parent of his three sons, ages 11-14, Andrews has committed himself to the task of teen empowerment for the more than 22 million teens in America and worldwide.



While writing the introduction of his debut book for teens: Dare To Make A Difference – Success 101 for Teens, Andrews visited the local bookstore. He discovered only 5 books in the Personal Development genre for teens while seeing hundreds in the adult section. Sensing that there was a lack of personal growth resources, focusing on youth 13-21, he published his teen book and soon thereafter created Teen Success.

Middle schools, high schools, and colleges are looking for ways to experientially educate their students, especially in the area of success. Andrews has sought out educators to aide in shaping a "Success Curriculum" aligned with the appropriate subject, content standards for educational institutions. The Teen Success Curriculum will provide a missing ingredient in school curriculum, to be tangibly supported through the program of Teaching Teachers How To Teach Success. TTHTT Success will teach teachers how to use the curriculum to teach success and make a lasting impact. Teen Success plans to launch both this summer and make TTHTT Success available through workshops and seminars next year.

Knowing, "It's easier to raise a good child than to rehab an adult," Teen Success will host their third Teen Success Symposium and 1st anniversary on September 19th, 2010 at Concordia University in Irvine, California. This event will feature the Los Alamitos High School Choir, teen speakers, and keynote speakers on success for teens. According to Andrews, "When you impact a teen's attitude you not only enhance his/her learning capacity but relationship skills as well."

Tommy Givens attended TSS LA-2010, and this is what he said: "I told my Mom after being around the kids at Teen Success that it may not be too late to go into the Air Force. I never told anyone that's what I wanted to do. I messed around in middle school and screwed up my grades. I thought I blew it. Now, I know if I change what I'm doing, I have a chance. I gotta change what I'm doing, I've gotta get my act together and get ready for my life to take off. Dang, I'm glad I went."

Michael Ritter is looking forward to attending TSS-OC, his third. Ritter encapsulated: "Teen Success Symposium LA was very helpful. I learned a lot and it was a fun way of learning. Everybody should go because they can learn a lot and should apply it to their lives, because it can help them to become successful, and all teens need to be successful."

Teen Success Magazine was unleashed the week of June 7, 2010. Tailored to developing well rounded teens, Andrews believes that teens now have a quality publication to read; one that will develop their full potential. TSM, an online monthly publication, will go to print as well, in the future, helping teens become active participants rather than spectators in their world.

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