Author Salon Positions Itself to Become a Major Project Source for Agents and Publishers Looking for Authors of New High-Concept Fiction and Nonfiction

Author Salon is a Place Where Writers Become Authors The Old Fashioned Way. They Earn It.

Jan 06, 2012, 10:57 ET from Author Salon

NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Salon, a new literary community website and 24/7 writers conference designed to serve the needs of aspiring authors as well as agents and editors in the book publishing business, is currently mentoring a senior class of nonfiction and fiction writers in all genres who have the chops to become successfully published in a commercial market.  For writers looking to self-publish, Author Salon enables them to write the best novel or nonfiction they possibly can.  For writers who wish to engage in the productive evolution of their projects, as well as their skills and technique, Author Salon's unique peer-pro review system rigorously winnows serious writers from the hobbyists while also creating a strong but fair system of checks and balances to assure business professionals that the best projects will take center stage.

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According to Author Salon member, Alon Shalev, author of The Accidental Activist, and creator of Left Coast Voices:

"When you sign up for Author Salon there are a lot of questions about your work. Often these questions make you look at your manuscript through new eyes. This is essentially the idea, that you see it not as the writer, but as the agent or publisher."

And this is a major feature of the Author Salon approach. As it states on the Profile Guide of the website itself:

"We want you to wear the hat of an agent or editor in this business.  See it from their standpoint alone, not from the standpoint of the average workshop writer. Will you put your career on the line for that novel? For that memoir or nonfiction? Consider it.  The right answer makes a huge difference in the way you choose to approach the development of your project."

At its core though, Author Salon is about teaching and nurturing the art of good storytelling, whether it involves a story that is true, nearly true, or absolute fiction.  To that end, everyone at Author Salon, staff and writers alike, work towards creating the best stories they possibly can, and hopefully, more than a few that will stand the test of time.

About Author Salon:

Author Salon seeks out promising writers and works to transform their fiction or nonfiction stories into commercially publishable manuscripts, and in doing so, establishes itself as a viable and ongoing commercial project source for agents, producers, and editors in the book and film business. Author Salon works to keep business professionals alerted and briefed on the subject of new voices and competitive projects extant on the Author Salon website.

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