Author Wendy D. Peterson Provides Insight to Military Families in: Memoirs of a Soldier's Wife

Jan 05, 2010, 07:52 ET from Wendy D. Peterson

LORAIN, Ohio, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- It's finally here, a contemporary insight to what American military families experience during the war on terror. This may very well be the insight that Michelle Obama needs in order to tackle her stance on the military platform.

Memoirs of a Soldier's Wife will provide insight, encouragement and inspiration to every soldier and/or family member serving in the United States Military, including the 30,000 soldiers that are headed to Afghanistan. Memoirs of a Soldier's Wife begins with the intimate thoughts of a newly married "soldier's wife." In addition to balancing the responsibilities of being a wife, it is also important to consider the various roles that require her attention. Although the couple was not new to the demands of the military life, the ability to become and remain happily married became unforeseeable, due to the roller coasters of multiple deployments.

Born and raised in a single-parent home in the Collinwood Community of Cleveland, Ohio, the author today is a mother of four, a wife, compliance professional, professor at multiple colleges, writer, motivational speaker and full-time doctorate student. Experience the "Personal Masterpiece" of intimate, heart-felt encounters relevant to how families of American Soldiers are being affected by the War in Iraq and various peace-keeping missions. Memoirs of a Soldier's Wife will lead you through the good, the bad and great times. As her husband completes his military commitment and final deployment, read first-hand how she conquers difficulty throughout the entire deployment.

Excerpt from the introduction of the book: [A Soldier's wife knows the discomfort of receiving a fast approaching deployment date and cringes as the reality of it slowly makes its appearance; is a woman who has to temporarily experience the heartache and difficulties of being a single mother; A Soldier's wife understands the feelings of being a Loveless Lover ] ... Do you know a Soldier's Wife?

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