Authoritative Senior Loan Officer and Certified Mortgage Specialist Makes it her Mission to Protect Consumers

User-friendly Book and Website Guides Consumers Away From Mortgage Scams and Pitfalls

Mar 08, 2011, 08:00 ET from Mama Bear Lending

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Did the bursting of the housing bubble make you mortgage averse?  Fear no more—Senior Loan Officer and Certified Mortgage Specialist Holly Gustlin has made it her business to ensure that everyone understands the pitfalls in the mortgage industry.  Inspired by an industry that was littered with con artists, Ms. Gustlin, founder of Mama Bear Lending, wrote The Normal People's Guide to Home Financing -- Mortgage Your Home, Not Your Life.  Available for purchase through, and, this is the only consumer protection book that home loan applicants will ever need.  

Written in easy to read, user-friendly language and short chapters, Ms. Gustlin teaches readers how to avoid bait-and-switch scams, paying junk fees and getting loans they can't afford to repay.  Ms. Gustlin said, "Millions of Americans have been seriously hurt by the mortgage disaster and endemic issues still remain.  I wanted to use my expertise and knowledge to help people understand what they are getting into when they apply for a mortgage and teach them to protect themselves from the dangers and pitfalls that still exist in the industry."

The portable book outlines the not-so-obvious traps that consumers should avoid, including:

  • Believing mortgage ads that are simply designed to make the phone ring.  With most mortgage rates changing daily, an ad that is placed days or weeks in advance cannot possibly be accurate.  Additionally, there are many factors that determine the rate for a particular borrower rather than a "one size fits all" rate which is broadcast in these ads.
  • Making the assumption that a borrower must understand every word in the two inch thick stack of loan documents handed to consumers.  Gustlin writes a chapter that explains which documents should be read and where the relevant information is located so readers can focus on what is important.  
  • Not having a comprehensive understanding of Adjustable Rate Mortgages ("ARMs").  Gustlin created a calculator that provides the worst and best payments to expect when a loan adjusts.

Gustlin urges readers to work with a loan officer who can be trusted emphasizing that readers not make the assumption that a loan officer can be trusted because they are affiliated with a large, nationwide bank.  She also ensures that the reader understands initial Good Faith Estimates of Fees and how the law can only help people who know how to protect themselves.  

The Normal People's Guide to Home Financing is an easy to read, post-recessionary survival guide for anyone who is buying a home or who is interested in knowing the basic facts about home financing for themselves and to share with their friends, family and business colleagues.  Ms. Gustlin's website,, provides a lot of free information and insights about what everyone should know about the mortgage industry.  

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