Autism more prevalent: use of daily coping tool reaches record numbers

Calming tools key this Autism Awareness Month

Apr 02, 2013, 16:17 ET from MeMoves

RIVER FALLS, Wis., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MeMoves™ announced today that the use of its patented self-regulation DVD among children with autism has reached an all time high: copies are currently being used in over 2,000 school districts, thousands of homes and all 50 states, profoundly changing behavior and revolutionizing the way specialists, parents and teachers manage the challenges of autism spectrum disorder at home and in the classroom.

The announcement comes in conjunction with the start of Autism Awareness Month and the news that autism is now more prevalent than ever.

The Centers for Disease Control reports a 72 percent increase in the diagnosis of autism over the past four years. One out of every 50 children aged 6 years to 17 years has an autism spectrum diagnosis, which can cause significant difficulties academically and in social settings. 

As the numbers climb to epidemic proportions, thousands of parents and professionals have found a solution in "MeMoves," a patented intervention that incorporates sight, sound, and motion, resulting in immediate benefits.

"If you have a child with autism, you need MeMoves," said Dr. Peggy Locke, ASD Specialist in Bloomington, Minnesota.  "This is something that should be in every classroom and home.  It makes an incredible difference."

Used for just a few minutes each day, MeMoves dramatically decreases the number of meltdowns while increasing eye contact, imitative behavior, and social interaction. The result: those with ASD are able to learn more easily as well as make and retain friends, something unheard of for many with ASD.

MeMoves works in part by giving users a tool to calm their nervous systems, allowing them to function without the daily burden of anxiety so many with ASD endure.  

Dr. Timothy Culbert, Pediatrician at Ridgeview Medical Center in Minneapolis, prescribes MeMoves as part of his "Skills Not Pills" effort.  He believes there is too much reliance on pills to calm kids down, adding that the ability to self regulate is key.

"It works because it gets the nervous system to a state of active, alert attention and calm chemistry," said Culbert.  "After several weeks, we begin to see a resetting of the nervous system that allows kids to become calmer in a sustained way over time."

Roberta Scherf, one of the developers of MeMoves, isn't surprised to see the use of daily tools on the rise.  She created it for her daughter, diagnosed as a young child with autism more than 15 years ago when she couldn't find anything else that would help.

"People dealing with autism and other disorders are desperate for something that will make a difference, can be easily used on a daily basis and is also affordable," said Scherf. "We're glad that people are looking for new strategies to help those struggling with the challenges of autism, and we're happy to be part of that work."

Winner of the 2010 Parents' Choice Gold Award, MeMoves requires no special knowledge, instruction or training.   It is available online for purchase at The multimedia pack, which includes a DVD, CD, textured pattern cards and user's guide, sells for $59.95 plus shipping and handling.   For more information about MeMoves, please visit To join the community, follow @MeMoves on Twitter and Like us on Facebook

Erin Mathe
Media Relations Manager