Automated Application Discovery Introduced by Savision at Microsoft Ignite 2016

Sep 26, 2016, 09:00 ET from Savision

AMSTERDAM and ATLANTA, Georgia, September 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Savision, a market leader in service-oriented monitoring solutions that unify IT operations with IT service management, today announced the release of its automated application discovery module for Unity iQ.

Savision's automated application discovery module offers an agentless, trigger-based discovery method that captures infrastructure elements, application dependencies, as well as end-to-end service models in real time.

Since IT environments change frequently, manually managing changes to dependencies or configuration items (CIs) is tedious and error prone. Unity iQ's real-time discovery and application dependency modeling not only detects changes to infrastructure elements, but it also captures the dependencies between and among applications that work in concert to deliver a complete business service.

The module works out-of-the-box across today's cross-platform and hybrid environments, including: bare metal, virtualized, and private- and public-cloud. In addition to its real-time discovery engine, IT administrators can use dynamic rules to add human intelligence that can guide automatic updates accurately in ever transforming IT environments.

Unity iQ's application discovery module accelerates the transformational journey of unifying IT operations and IT service management with the following features:

  • Rapid Element Discovery - Discover infrastructure elements or CIs by using its agentless, non-disruptive architecture that does not require a network port.
  • Application Topologies - Trigger-based discovery ensures that any changes to IT elements and application dependencies are discovered in real time.
  • Real-time Service Modeling - Building upon infrastructure element and application dependencies, services are automatically modeled and optimized using dynamic rules.
  • Change-aware CMDB - All CIs and services are matched and reconciled as changes occur with a CMDB.
  • Incident Impact Analysis - Real-time service modeling allows for any IT team to directly see the underlying cause of every incident.

"With application modernization and IT transformation efforts in full-swing for many organizations, automated application and service discovery is more important than ever for maintaining service levels during such change," said Rob Doucette, CTO, Savision. "Our discovery module is designed to work with the increasing complexity ushered in by today's cross-platform and hybrid environments. By modeling the complete end-to-end service - end-user, applications, network, storage, etc. - Unity iQ provides a single pane of glass that IT operations teams know they can always trust when identifying and resolving incidents."

Unity iQ's application discovery module is available immediately and it also integrates with Savision's Live Maps product.

About Savision

Savision is the market leader in service-oriented IT monitoring solutions. The company's solutions transform infrastructure and application monitoring data into dashboards that automate and unify IT operations with IT service management workflows. Savision allows companies to maximize the value of existing IT management tools in order to optimize IT service delivery, prevent problems, and reduce service downtime.

Over 800 of the world's most demanding companies, governments, and non-profits have deployed Savision's solutions to visualize, rationalize, and optimize their IT service delivery workflows.

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