Automated Insights Launches New Fantasy Sports Products

Will Produce Over 50 Million Fantasy Game Recaps and Player Notes in 2012 as part of the Largest, Most Sophisticated Implementation of Automated Content To-date

Sep 11, 2012, 13:00 ET from Automated Insights

DURHAM, N.C., Sept. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Automated Insights, the leading provider of high-quality, real-time content automation services, has announced partnerships with some of the largest companies in Fantasy Sports.  The partnerships include an initiative with the world's largest fantasy football league to provide articles recapping every match-up for all their fantasy football managers over the 17-week NFL season.  Over the course of the year, Automated Insights will produce more than 50 million Personalized Game Recaps and Player Notes, making these initiatives the largest and most sophisticated implementations of high quality, automated content to-date.  During the NFL season, Automated Insights will utilize its cloud-based architecture to produce the fully personalized recaps at a rate of over 500 per second; producing millions of 500 to 1,000 word recaps in less than four hours.

In addition to the Personalized Game Recaps, Automated Insights has announced a Player Note product to provide league managers and media companies real-time narrative and graphical updates on professional athletes that put the athletes' performances into historical and fantasy context in real-time.  Equally important, the tone, character and analysis underlying these Player Notes can be fully personalized. 

"By delivering products with deep content and personalization, Automated Insights has created one of the most exciting product lines the fantasy industry has seen in years," said Rick Wolf, Founder of Full Moon Sports Solutions and a founding Board Member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (1998).  The detailed game recaps will be fully personalized and will provide team-specific analysis that identifies key trends as well as player and manager insights which take into consideration each league's custom settings and scoring systems.  The recaps will also include engaging features like a winning manager's "smooth moves" or a losing manager's "regret tracker" and interactive charts that highlight key scoring trends over the course of the week and the season.

"We are very proud of our work in Fantasy Sports," said Robbie Allen, the company's CEO.  "These implementations are a great way to showcase the power of our technology and its implications for the future of high-quality, fully-automated one-to-one communications.  In four hours we will produce more sports articles than ESPN, CBS and FOX produce in an entire year, combined.  And each of our articles is fully personalized.   I should also stress that fantasy sports is just one of the many verticals we are pursuing.  We can bring the same technology and ability to provide personalized analysis and narratives to any vertical where there is structured data."

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