Automated Media Services, Inc. Announces 5 Additions to Senior Engineering Team

Jan 14, 2010, 12:46 ET from Automated Media Services, Inc.

ALLENDALE, N.J., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Automated Media Services, an Allendale, New Jersey-based firm responsible for the creation and development of 3GTv™, the first plannable, predictable, and measurable form of out-of-home television, announces the addition of five new senior engineers to the company.  

"Our media innovations are based upon years of research and development, and both the scope and scale of our business are rapidly expanding," said Robert Wolinsky, CEO of AMS. "Up to this point, AMS has successfully recruited talented and highly-regarded leaders from the advertising, television, retail marketing, and finance sectors.  The latest additions to our team represent senior engineering talent that will allow us to grow our 3GTv™ Labs team. These engineers will ensure the successful implementation the 3GTv™ technology in 2010.  They will also enable us to continue providing new solutions and advancements in television for our affiliates in the years to come."

Automated Media Services' engineering team now includes:

  • Pete Daly – AMS' Senior Mechanical Engineer has extensive product engineering and design experience in handheld electronics, industrial wearable computers, laser scanning systems and video imaging products, with 30+ years of product design and extensive CAD experience.   Pete has enjoyed success in the field of AV/home audio componentry as a Senior Designer with Crestron, BTX and SoundSmith.

  • John Freeman - AMS' Senior Software Engineer possesses particular expertise in programming embedded products, mid-range systems, full product lifecycle support, systems design, database development and LAN administration.  Prior to joining AMS, John was employed by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Impact Instrumentation, Inc. and Anadigics.

  • Richard Lefkowitz - AMS' new Director of Engineering is a seasoned electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in electronic systems design, development and project management for military, medical, display, communications and networking, and consumer products.  Prior to joining AMS, Richard was employed by Middle Atlantic Products, Crestron, Datascope and Amano.

  • Robert Thompson – AMS' new Senior Electrical Engineer is an electronic hardware engineer and senior board level designer specializing in computers and embedded controllers with high-speed PCB layout techniques. Prior to joining AMS, Robert was employed by NBS Technologies, Card Technology Division, Protocol Design Services, and Smith Industries, Inc.

  • Thomas Wendowski- AMS' Senior Technician is an electronics technician and manager with more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing and engineering environments.  Prior to joining AMS, Thomas was employed by Middle Atlantic Products, Inc., Dataprobe Inc., National Medical Care and Agra Corp.

About Automated Media Services, Inc.

Automated Media Services, Inc. (AMS) is an Allendale, New Jersey-based firm responsible for the creation and development of the next generation television called 3rd Generation Television or 3GTv™.  3GTv™ is the first out-of-home form of television – the solution to today's media and advertising crisis.  Like Radio, which decades ago made the leap from in-home to out-of-home, Television is now going to do the same with 3GTv™. Founded by a coterie of industry veterans with over 150 years of collective experience in television, engineering, advertising and marketing, AMS has fused the benefits of in-home television, the efficiencies of the Internet with the ideal demographic location to yield the first development of an automated, plannable advertising and media platform located in the midst of the most coveted marketing environment in the physical universe, the retail store.

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