Automatic Policy Renewal Not Always Good News for Drivers

Nov 13, 2012, 12:18 ET from Quotey Quotey Ltd

HALESOWEN, England, November 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

One of the things that motorists ought to take note of in the current climate is the rise of auto-renewal strategies in the car insurance industry. More and more firms are renewing policies automatically in a bid to keep customers.

Drivers already have to keep on top of a lot of number crunching. They need to work out the best places to buy fuel, the best places to have work done and the best ways to buy vehicle excise duty. Car insurance is something that motorists ought to look at even more carefully to make sure they are not incurring extra costs.

The team at Car Insurance Quotes is keen to point out that the increase in instances of auto-renewal in the car insurance field may not work out in favour of the customer. Although insurers will always inform drivers of the fact that their policy is set to be renewed for the forthcoming year automatically, this may not give motorists the opportunity to go compare car insurance quotes in order to find the best deal.

Visitors to are able to generate a selection of options from some of the leading insurers in a matter of minutes - a practice that is becoming more and more popular as people seek ways of saving money on motoring and looking after their own interests.

In some cases, loyalty to an insurer does pay dividends and the price of policies drops year on year, but this is not a common occurrence given the competition out there and the changing economic conditions that both drivers and insurers face respectively.

The advice out there for motorists is to be vigilant regarding all correspondence from insurers and when one policy draws to an end, compare the other options available in order to see whether the most recent renewal quote is the best in the circumstances.

At the end of twelve months, it is also important for drivers to reassess the conditions relevant to their policy in order to save money. They can do this by reviewing where they park their cars, the mileage they currently do, other drivers they may want to name for the forthcoming year and so on. Automatic renewals often ignore these changes in circumstance.

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