Automobiles, Aeronautics, Defense, Healthcare… Altran Integrates Intelligent Systems All Over the World

Mar 05, 2013, 14:32 ET from Altran

PARIS, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

With 450 billion intelligent interactions per day expected in 2020, intelligent systems are set to transform the world we live in and break down the boundaries between industrial players. These systems mean that we can stay connected wherever we are; at home, in the car, on a plane.

Altran believes that the three factors underpinning the success of the intelligent systems of tomorrow will be greater user focus, the safe and secure integration of technologies and profitability.

To illustrate the potential of intelligent systems, the Altran group is unveiling two prototypes that it has developed within the context of its R&D programme. These prototypes demonstrate the feasibility of high-tech systems that are offering new users' experience.

  • Immersive ATM[1]: this prototype tests new usages for air traffic control which are operated by gesture and voice recognition, are in 3D format and interact with iPad-type tablets.
  • Open & Connected Car : this prototype gives access to a platform of applications,  new services and new usages (eco-driving, personalisation, social networks, etc.), and can be customised to meet the specifications of users' smart phones and tablets in a safe and secure manner for drivers and passengers alike.

Bringing our own smart world into the car

The launch of Altran's global Intelligent Systems solution will be the opportunity for the Group to present the digital world of the connected car. With the ongoing transformations in the automotive sector, the digital world is undoubtedly becoming an integral part of the car and, as such, an essential communication tool for the driver; a perfect example of the importance of being connected to one's environment.

For Intelligent Systems / Altran the key challenges that need to be addressed are three-fold: Technology, Usage and Profitability.

  • Technology: regarding complex-technology integration, safety and security are critical factors
  • Usage: Intelligent Systems must be appealing (design), efficient (advanced ergonomics) and accessible for all
  • Profitability: Intelligent Systems make for profitable business models that are cost-effective and sustainable.

Altran's user-centred approach ensures the seamless integration of technologies and benefits players throughout the value chain.

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Open & Connected car exterior


1. ATM Air traffic management

Open & Connected Car interior

Immersive ATM

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