Avail-TVN's New Digital Ad Insertion Tools Allow Content Providers To Monetize VOD Content

New Service Offering Enables Mid-Roll DAI in Any Environment

May 16, 2012, 09:00 ET from Avail-TVN

RESTON, Va., May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Avail-TVN, the leading digital media services company, today announced its new sophisticated DAI content preparation services that allow content providers to finally realize the promise of advanced advertising and monetize their VOD assets.  Building upon its Advanced Advertising Insertion and Marking service (AAIM), launched last year, Avail-TVN now provides mid-roll content marking and stream conditioning services as an enhancement to the encoding and editing workflow, allowing true DAI application at the edge and ensuring seamless playout.  Avail-TVN has added Placement Opportunity Authoring and management capabilities, which allow placement opportunity business rules to be made available through a POIS interface, under SCTE-130 standards, or inserted into the content metadata in accordance with CableLabs specifications. 

As part of its service development, Avail-TVN offers critical interface support to manage the metadata exchange between content providers and operators. Working closely with key industry partners, the company has successfully integrated Content Information Service (CIS) and Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS) interfaces into multiple, commercially deployed Ad Decision Systems.

Avail-TVN's Advanced Advertising Services will be demonstrated next week at The Cable Show, at the Boston Convention Center, Executive Suite 33 (exhibit floor), within multiple DAI ecosystems, including Harris's SCTE 130-compliant Ad Decision Engine and SeaChange's Infusion Ad Decision Manager and AdPulse Ad Decision Server. 

"Until now, content providers have not been able to fully realize the promise of dynamic ad insertion," said Laurie Lawrence, chief marketing officer, Avail-TVN.  "With the only approach that enables mid-roll ad insertion for their content in any environment, Avail-TVN is delivering the industry's only working solution for increased revenue opportunities from VOD content.  As TV Everywhere applications and increased use of on-demand services continue to change the face of television viewing, the ability to monetize content on any screen, in any environment will be a key component of the digital video ecosystem's growth strategy."

With the enhanced AAIM service, Avail-TVN can now capture the live network feed, QC for the Nielsen watermark, encode the program, apply the advertising insertion mark into the stream or metadata, and author the placement opportunity rules for future advertising insertion once the C3 window expires. 

According to Rentrak's State of VOD Trend Report, there were 8.8 billion VOD transactions performed in 2011, indicating a huge opportunity for monetizing VOD assets. The AAIM solution promises simplicity and scalability, simplifying workflows and ensuring that content is delivered and works in any operator environment, with no need for additional work by the content provider. As with VOD and other services that Avail-TVN offers, it leverages its platform, experience and scale to get its customers to market quickly and economically and takes an open technology approach that enables integration into all ecosystems. Now it is applying that model to the advanced advertising sector.

About Avail-TVN
Avail-TVN is the leading provider of digital media services in North America serving both content owners and multichannel video providers.  The Company's advanced services deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for monetizing video content, providing high-quality viewing experiences, and improving the performance, reliability and security of its customers' video programming distribution.  For more information, please visit www.avail-tvn.com.

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