Avenview Launches New Quad Screen Video Processor

May 24, 2011, 13:01 ET from Avenview

KENMORE, N.Y., May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Avenview, a leading manufacturer of A/V processor products, converters and adapters, is pleased to announce their new DVI-SPLITPRO-4X Advanced Quad Screen Video Processor, an advanced video processor ideal for multimedia presentations in which up to four video signals must be displayed on a single display.

The DVI-SPLITPRO-4X Advanced Quad Screen Video Processor supports up to 16 video inputs in the six most popular video formats (four VGA, four DVI/HDMI, four component, four S-Video and four composite inputs), four of which can be outputted simultaneously with the desired display layout through software control. Additionally, it offers dynamic transition of video sizing and positioning and allows the user to manipulate output images to whatever positions and sizes they desire in order to simultaneously view two computers, two video signals or a combination of the two.

"We are extremely happy with this new offering and all of its advanced capabilities," said Hanif Rahim, VP Product Development. "As a leader in cutting-edge A/V products we strive to consistently offer our customers the most innovative products on the market, and we have well exceeded that goal with the new DVI-SPLITPRO-4X Advanced Quad Screen Video Processor."

Unlike its predecessor, the DVI-SPLITPRO-4, the DVI-SPLITPRO-4X features:

  • HDCP compliance
  • HDMI, DVI, Component, VGA, and Composite support
  • The ability to adjust video parameters
  • The ability to add video background (making it actually work like a five-channel video processor)
  • Adjustable size and position through software, with image parameters and layouts automatically saved in a mixer for blending different input sources
  • Additional DVI, composite and component input
  • Front panel controls
  • Ability to control layouts with IR Remote Control
  • Better software control over input and output settings (software control available through RS-232/RS-485 over Cat-5)
  • Upgradable firmware for support of new features and technology enhancements

For more information on the new DVI-SPLITPRO-4X Advanced Quad Screen Video Processor, visit www.Avenview.com.

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About Avenview:

Avenview is a manufacturer of leading edge products for the audio video market, delivering scalable powerful, advanced video processing capabilities with proven reliability that harness integration, extension, distribution and conversion technologies in industrial, corporate, medical, defense, entertainment, education and retail signage applications. Their many top-of-the-line products include A/V extenders (HDMI extender, DVI extender and VGA extender options), audio video converters, cables and adapters, video processors, video splitters and video switchers.

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