AVT Given "Strong Buy" Recommendation By IPODesktop.com

Aug 24, 2012, 08:43 ET from AVT, Inc.

CORONA, Calif., Aug. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- AVT, Inc. (Ticker: AVTC) (www.autoretail.com) announced today that they have received a positive rating and review, along with a "Strong Buy" recommendation from IPODesktop.com, one of the nation's leading providers of stock market and company analysis.

The report stated that AVT's top line revenue has grown on average 45% per year for the past five years, and that the company is solidly generating quarterly profits. The report further noted that AVT is undervalued at current prices.

AVT is a low price, high quality leader offering technology solutions at 50% less than the best-known competitor, according to the analysis. The company employs patented, state-of-the-art computer technology and highly advanced software programs that are utilized in their automated retailing systems, which can dispense a wide variety of items - from health products and cosmetics, to swimsuits, sunglasses and smart phones.

AVT's self-service systems can be configured to feature cash and/or cashless payment systems, enhanced security, on-board refrigeration and heating, custom graphics, instant online inventory status, and system health reports.

The report also mentioned that AVT has been successful in developing key accounts, including Marley Coffee, and that they have recently been granted an important United States Patent, which creates a marketable distinction and can provide lucrative licensing opportunities.

Francis Gaskins, Editor-in-Chief at IPODesktop.com, is one of Wall Street's most respected analysts, and regularly appears on financial programs such as Bloomberg News, Fox News, and CNBC; and in publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and Investors Business Daily. IPODesktop.com was also recently named a "Forbes Best IPO Site."

Gaskins was also one of the first analysts to warn investors about Facebook's stock, which as he predicted, is way down from its initial offering. Gaskins is one of the nation's most sought after analysts, and has a degree in Economics from Princeton University, and a Masters in Finance from Harvard Business School.

"Self-service kiosks are projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3%," the report stated. "We believe AVTC is an undiscovered company, soon to become a small cap NASDAQ company."

To see a copy of the AVT Report, please visit: http://ipopremium.com/?page_id=5666

For more information on AVT, please contact the Investor Relations Department at 877.424.3663 or visit AVT's website at www.autoretail.com.

About AVT:

AVT, Inc. is a leading developer of automated and self-service retailing systems. AVT is able to work with any size company to design a custom automated retailing solution that drives traffic, increases sales, improves security, and lowers overhead. With an in-house design team, software developers, mechanical engineers and on-site manufacturing, AVT can take projects from concept to completion with speed, economy and ingenuity.

AVT's stock is traded through the OTC Bulletin Board Markets, Ticker Symbol: AVTC.OB.

For more information on AVT, custom vending, or the Automated Retailing Industry, visit www.autoretail.com.

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