AVT on NBC News

Story Stated Company Created Automated Retailing Industry

Mar 31, 2011, 15:44 ET from AVT, Inc.

CORONA, Calif., March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AVT, Inc., (formerly Automated Vending Technologies) (Ticker: AVTCD) (www.avtinconline.com), was featured on NBC News in Los Angeles. The report focused on how AVT is reinventing the retailing world.

The report stated that AVT coined the term "Automated Retailing" and is the leader in developing systems that allow consumers to purchase products of all kinds from new, high-tech dispensing systems.

Consumer convenience and retailer peace of mind are some of the reasons these systems have been getting so much attention. Consumers are drawn to these architecturally striking marvels because they can purchase products such as iPods, bathing suits, gold coins, sunglasses and perfume… all without waiting for a salesperson. Retailers realize significant cost savings, plus a solution to theft and shrinkage.

AVT company founder Shannon Illingworth was interviewed and discussed how they became a leader in the industry, in part by being the first to apply computer technology and innovative design to product dispensing.

The NBC News story also reported on Flix On Stix, a company that has developed a revolutionary new way to distribute all types of media. Flix On Stix has created a system where everything from first run movies and video games, to television shows and textbooks are rented or sold in high-tech, self-serve kiosks and downloaded to the customer's portable flash drive. This breakthrough system offers some impressive advantages to other forms of content distribution, including:

  • Nothing to Ever Return
  • No Late Fees
  • Green - No Trees Cut Down, No Paper, No Plastic, No DVDs
  • No Inventory to Stock
  • Virtually Unlimited Selections - No Out of Stock Issues
  • New Movies Available Before Netflix or Redbox
  • Choice to Rent or Buy any Title

AVT builds the kiosks for Flix On Stix from their Corona factory.

These types of Automated Retailing systems appeal to customers because they are fast and convenient, and are available 24 hours a day in locations such as college campuses, shopping malls, major retailers, airports and hotels, and provide convenience, cost savings, and choice.

To view the story, please visit: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Automated_Retailing__The_Factory_Tour_Los_Angeles-119002144.html

About AVT:

AVT, Inc. is a leading developer of automated and self-service retailing systems. AVT's stock is currently traded through the Pink OTC Markets, Ticker Symbol: AVTCD.

For more information on AVT and their self-service automated retailing systems, visit AVT's Websites at: www.avtinconline.com or www.autoretail.com, or call James Winsor, Chief Executive Officer, at 951-737-1057.

For more information on Flix on Stix, contact Robert Bienias, Managing Partner, at 951-220-6552, or visit the website at www.flixonstix.com.