Avue Announces Federal Job Postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter

New Avue Functionality Revolutionizes Federal Hiring Processes, Outreach, and Job Seeker Satisfaction

Sep 20, 2011, 10:51 ET from Avue Technologies Corporation

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Avue Technologies Corporation announces new features that enable Avue and federal government agencies to post jobs using popular social media and online networking sites.  Avue's social media postings join the over 1,600 .edu and .org sites that Avue pushes federal government job information to today. The combined reach of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter means that job information will reach an audience of 1.1 billion users.  

A recent study showed that 89 percent of private-sector companies will use social networks for recruiting over the next year, with nearly 80 percent of hiring managers and recruiters searching for their prospective hires online before making an offer.  

"It's time to end business-as-usual in our federal government; and change the way government recruits candidates and notifies the public about federal job opportunities," said Linda Rix, co-CEO of Avue Technologies.  "Federal agencies have been forced to rely on a single passive, destination site to satisfy job posting requirements. Not only is this an antiquated method of outreach, the confusing process it uses has become a deterrent to the job seeker."

Avue is leveraging today's job seekers' familiarity with social sharing platforms and their own network of friends, colleagues and co-workers – co-opting the wisdom of crowds – to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of federal hiring. It's also simple for the employer.  Just two clicks, one to select the social media site and enter the location for the posting, and the second to post the position.  Agencies can choose the specific site for the posting whether it's the employer's Facebook page or the hiring manager's LinkedIn network.

For job seekers on LinkedIn, Avue uses the LinkedIn "one-click" job application process to intake the user's LinkedIn profile and pull it through to the position posted.  Because the federal government often requires additional information, more information may need to be provided, and that is made clear once the LinkedIn profile is imported into Avue.  

"With 15,000 to 20,000 federal job opportunities open each day, it is crucial the federal sector revolutionize the way it recruits and uses social media," said Rix. "The President has made clear that the federal hiring process is in dire need of reform and that key candidates, like veterans, need to be able to find job opportunities and apply for them in a streamlined manner. Not only is the use of popular social media incredibly efficient and vastly more effective, it is far cheaper than the alternative used by the government today – it's free."  

Leveraging social media will save the federal government between 15 and 20 million dollars per year by eliminating the current government cost to support its single job posting site. Using Avue's social media outreach proves that cost reduction and hiring reform are simultaneously achievable.  

With the federal government poised to reshape its workforce to meet new mission demands and create the bench required to address the retirement of baby boomers, using social media makes sense.

"The federal sector has a growing problem with attracting and retaining the new workforce it needs," said Rix. "This not only targets the recruitment effectively, it also ensures that tech-savvy and higher quality candidates are specifically targeted and within reach."

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