AWC (Antique Wine Company) Acquires Investors in Customers Recognition

Sep 24, 2014, 01:00 ET from Antique Wine Company

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LONDON, September 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

London-based fine wine and spirits merchant AWC has received a superlative customer service accreditation. This follows a recent survey of more than 150,000 individuals in which the majority of those polled rated the company as offering "outstanding service". The extensive research project, which was carried out in early 2014 through Investors in Customers (IIC), aimed to record the opinions of both existing AWC clients and of prospective customers. The report gauged the company's current operations and evaluated potential new avenues aimed at delivering improved fine wine options and fine wine-related services in the future.

80% of survey respondents stated that staff were "knowledgeable about the products and services they provide" and that the quality of products offered were also given on average an 8 out of 10 approval rating. A further 8 out of 10 individuals questioned stated that they "trusted AWC staff to behave with fairness, integrity and honesty" and that the company's written communications were impressively "clear and straightforward."

High scores were also given to the company for its product expertise and, in particular, the individual and communal staff knowledge of its fine wines and ancillary fine wine-related services. Additionally, AWC's staff were recognised for their ability to understand what is important to individual customers and these same clients commented on how much they valued the professional advisory relationships they have with AWC staff members. Furthermore, AWC's record of going the extra mile to satisfy its clients was praised, with many individuals citing the company's flexibility in accepting payment in multiple currencies and its commitment to delivering wines to hard-to-reach destinations around the world.  

The survey also gave customers an opportunity to state areas that potentially needed improvement and AWC is already acting on this feedback in a number of ways. This has included revaluing some of its most popular wines to ensure that they deliver the best global market value available, making a number of key new staff appointments to ensure seamless transactions, and investing in additional systems, training and mentorship of staff.

Stephen Williams, CEO, AWC comments: "We pride ourselves on our excellent service, but we think it is essential to continuously monitor this, rather than take it for granted that we are doing a good job. We had very high levels of feedback on our survey and are pleased about how positive it has been overall. However, we are also aware of the areas where our results have not been outstanding and we have listened and are adjusting our business and strategy accordingly. Providing unrivalled levels of service alongside excellent fine wine options is the bedrock of AWC and acting upon the survey feedback will ensure we continue to maintain the exceptional standards that we are so proud of."

About AWC 

AWC is a luxury wine and spirits company that was originally established 25 years ago by current CEO Stephen Williams. From its headquarters in London and its two sales offices in Asia, AWC supplies fine wine to private individuals, hotels, restaurants, and the global wine trade.

While maintaining a passion for antique vintages, the company's product range is principally composed of contemporary vintages which are capable of becoming the antiques of the future. Irrespective of vintage, the company only trades in exceptionally fine wine.

Internationally recognised as experts in the fine wine industry, AWC's exclusive stocks and services are highly sought-after. The company routinely manages, provides advice on and actively supports wine cellars that are held in châteaux, palaces, grand hotels and exclusive, private residences worldwide.

In 2013 AWC Global PLC, a UK Public Limited Company, became the ultimate parent of AWC's regional trading entities and it is currently engaged in a multi-year programme of expansion into traditional and emerging fine wine and spirits markets around the globe.

As a company, AWC is uniquely positioned amongst international wine merchants due to its long-standing sourcing and customer relationships, its strong brand image, the impressive physical premises of its global headquarters in London, its substantial stock holdings, and its robust IT and operational infrastructure.

SOURCE Antique Wine Company