AWT Announces New Fuel Optimization Service to Reduce Total Voyage Costs

Jul 17, 2012, 03:01 ET from AWT

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), today announced its new Fuel Optimization Service to give ship operators the data they need to plan the most efficient voyages, manage total voyage costs, both pre-voyage and en-route, and easily report findings to management.


AWT's Fuel Optimization Service is initiated by a client request specifying the vessel's full Charter Party (C/P) speed and consumption as well as any alternative eco-speed(s) being considered. AWT then determines the most efficient, safe route and recommended speed if a required ETA is provided, balancing voyage time and fuel consumption.

AWT provides a voyage time and consumption estimate, and total cost when requested, at both the recommended speed to make the required ETA and any alternative eco-speed(s). As part of the process, AWT provides a pre-voyage report showing the calculated results in terms of time, consumption (and cost if requested), of all considered routes to give ship operators all the information needed to sail the most economical and safe voyage.

En route, AWT closely monitors both the route and vessel performance in relation to speed and consumption, providing the client with a daily status report via email and voyage information via PORTAL, AWT's secure client site.

Upon completion of each voyage, AWT provides an end of voyage report comparing the time en route and consumption, and costs if requested, along the actual route sailed against both the instructed speed and the full C/P speed (or recommended speed to make a required ETA if requested) allowing ship operators to quantify and report on savings achieved.

"As fuel prices remain volatile, AWT has worked closely with its extensive client base to find economical solutions for all involved in the ship owning/chartering chain," said Skip Vaccarello, president and CEO of AWT. "Upcoming IMO regulations such as SEEMP and others are putting even greater pressure on ship owners to find solutions to increase efficiency and show quantifiable results—which is why we developed this timely service."

To learn more about AWT's Fuel Optimization Service, go to fuel-schedule-optimization.asp/.

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