Axero Releases Communifire 5.2 Intranet Software With a Powerful New Page Builder, Badges, and Enhanced User Experience

The update comes with an array of new features, including a Page Builder that enables administrators to create drag-and-drop page layouts, enhanced gamification with Badges, searching enhancements, and an updated Chat and Instant Messaging.

Mar 17, 2016, 13:50 ET from Axero Solutions

SAN DIEGO, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Axero today released an upgrade to Communifire, a leading Intranet Software solution for small and medium businesses. Communifire empowers businesses to grow by enhancing the productivity and engagement of their teams. Communifire 5.2 delivers an array of new features that improve the user experience for administrators, enabling organizations to unlock the full value of the platform and dramatically improve employee communication, collaboration and performance.  

The greatest addition to Communifire 5.2 is the Page Builder, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that administrators can use to create page layouts. Axero made user experience its top priority when creating this feature, which simplifies the process of designing the Homepage, Space pages, and CMS pages.

Page Builder transforms elements into visual building blocks that allow anyone to understand and edit the layout and content of their pages without touching a single line of code. The platform generates highly efficient code and there are no limitations as to how widgets can be customized and arranged, making Page Builder the most flexible tool of its kind available on the market. You can create as many pages as your organization needs, as well as responsive, column-based layouts that adapt to all mobile devices. This opens up endless opportunities to give your Communifire intranet platform a unique look and feel.

The upgraded Communifire intranet software also offers new gamification capabilities that allow users to recognize other users by granting them badges. Users can earn badges by completing customized series of actions within the community.

"Axero's mission is to empower organizations and employees with all the tools and features they need to perform their best," said Axero cofounder and President Tim Eisenhauer. "Communifire has always grown and evolved based on the voice of our customers, and version 5.2 reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering the best, most effective intranet software on the market."  

In addition to the two major features outlined above, version 5.2 comes with search enhancements. Axero rebuilt the search functionality to allow sorting by Most relevant, Most viewed, Most recent, Most commented, and Highest rated. Users can filter by date published, choose which space(s) to include, which content type(s) to include, and which authors to include and filter by tags. Communifire's search result relevancy is improved as well through a tweak to the search algorithm. And, Communifire 5.2 delivers fuzzy search, meaning search will make an effort to guess what you meant to type, accounting for typos and misspellings. In this version, the Autosuggest search dropdown has been rebuilt with a better layout, making it easier to find what you are looking for in autosuggest.

Communifire 5.2 includes more robust preferences surrounding digest emails. Users can now choose to receive daily and/or weekly digests. The new weekly digest focuses on new content in the spaces instead of activity. There are system properties to set what content types to include and to stylize the detailed output. The weekly digest can also show the most viewed content for the week by content type. Users can set the time and day of the week weekly digests and daily digests go out from system properties. Finally, a new system property allows communities to choose if they want "likes" to appear in daily digest emails, and to remove them if they choose.

The entire Chat and Instant Messaging user interface also got a refresh with many stylistic updates. Users can now turn off notification sounds, add a chat as a favorite, and view "IsTyping" to indicate when others are typing. Axero completely overhauled the Attachment Uploader, and photos and attachments can now be styled and formatted. And users are able to change the name of a group chat to anything they want and edit, remove, and quote in individual messages.

With this update, Axero released a number of smaller improvements that enhance the overall user experience, including:

  • Version comparison: The version comparison tool previously limited to wikis has been extended to articles, blogs and ideas.
  • Editable publish date: Publish date for articles and blogs can now be edited after publishing to move them around on the most recent articles list or delay again for publishing for a future date.
  • @mentions in content: Now you can @mention people inside the WYSIWYG editor, including inside content.
  • Default Country: A new system property has been added to allow a default country for new users to be set.
  • Inactive user email: Option to send an email to users who have registered but not engaged in the community after x number of days.
  • Role > Space assignment rules: Set rules for assigning users to spaces by role. If the user's role changes, their space membership is updated.
  • Active Directory and SAML enhancements: User syncing and login were enhanced for communities tied into Active Directory.
  • Mobile optimized forms for adding/editing blogs, articles, wiki pages, ideas, events, forums, cases, photos, videos.
  • System Properties Page: This removes all settings from the web.config file, making it easier to change configuration settings. The Dynamic properties have been combined with the System Properties into one unified interface.
  • Mobile formatting and cleanup throughout most of the site.

Every one of these enhancements is geared towards making Communifire as easy-to-use and impactful as possible, enabling teams to focus on what really matters -- being productive.

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