B2B Marketers Should Pay Attention to More Interactive Content

Jul 04, 2013, 09:00 ET from Soobest.com

NEW YORK, July 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is a brief talk on how to use social media to do integrated marketing from B2C SooBest, which offers a wide range of products such as fashionable women's clothing, men's clothing, fashion watches, fashion jewelry, etc.

Most segments and personalized contents belong to the field of premium content marketing strategy. Beginning from sending a message via email, B2B marketers use content marketing as an outreach to potential customers and as a customer relations technique.

Digital content marketing makes it easier than before, but that is not to say that creating content is an easy thing. B2B marketers need to be aware: Content can be created in order to make the employees accomplish their work better.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs in August 2012 issued a report that found that more than nine-tenths of North American B2B marketing personnel carry out content marketing. CMI is a consulting company pushing marketing staff to finish the flow of content marketing. The report was sponsored by the online video website Brightcove.

Many reports suggest B2B marketers are investing more year-by-year in content marketing. The CMI and MarketingProfs report also found that the majority of respondents in the past two years are planning to increase content marketing spending. 54% of North American B2B marketers said they would increase content marketing spending in 2012, and 60% said they would increase spending in 2011.

On average, B2B marketers plan to spend 33% of this year's marketing budget on content marketing, and more research shows that in 2012 it accounted for some 26%. Ideally, B2B marketers can effectively implement content marketing strategy throughout the customer lifecycle. These marketers are not only committed to attracting customers, but also want the customers to be able to be involved in the work.

A survey from content management software provider Curata found that customer involvement / participation is the most common target that U.S. marketers have for content marketing.

With the marketing staff putting more time and energy into the creation and dissemination of content, there will certainly be some best practices in electronic channel applications enabling B2B companies to exercise them.

B2B marketing staff noted that one should maintain interaction with active customers, but also should customize specific content for specific groups. Higher personalization of content would be more helpful to customers.

Mobile devices provide new opportunities for B2B content marketing. Marketers can connect offline marketing with mobile technology, for example through the development of mobile applications, which is the industry trend.

Besides, content marketers need to keep the content up to date. A customer community is like a pump, you need to have unsolicited movement, therefore, marketers must remain active in the interaction.


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