Bacula Surpasses One Million Downloads

Jan 26, 2010, 08:00 ET from Bacula Systems S.A.

YVERDON-LES-BAINS, Switzerland, January 26 /PRNewswire/ --

- Bacula Systems Global Momentum Accelerates Open Source Backup Adoption; Enterprise Customer Growth Accelerates

Bacula Systems SA today celebrated a year of impressive growth as its Open Source enterprise backup solution passed the one million download milestone, driven by a maturing portfolio of Bacula backup products and growing enterprise adoption of open source software. This event marks a highly successful year in which Bacula Systems has made significant gains in its customer base and built excellent partner momentum globally. During 2009, Bacula Systems and the Bacula project have:

    - Exceeded one million downloads: According to Source Forge statistics,
      Bacula is by far the most popular Enterprise grade Open Source program.
    - Secured a customer base that includes leading hosting, finance,
      government and telco data centers
    - Established a strong international partner network
    - Held its first official conference
    - Further developed its BWEB and BAT GUI Tools
    - Released major new features with Bacula 3.0
    - Launched Bacula Enterprise Edition
    - Achieved Red Hat Advanced Partner ISV Certification
    - Developed Microsoft plug-ins
    - Created a USB Restore Key for 'bare metal recovery'

Strong Customer Growth

In a landmark year, Bacula Systems achieved strong growth in customer adoption with a notable demand from large data centers. With customers committing to Bacula Systems from the finance, telco, government and technology verticals, hosting and data centers are in particular becoming leading adopters of Bacula Systems disruptive open source backup technology. Bank Austria, and other major organizations worldwide have been able to carve out costs and increase their I.T. value with Bacula Systems.

SdV Plurimedia, a large Internet service provider to television, newspaper and media companies, increasingly found the licensing terms of its proprietary backup software inflexible, inhibiting its ability to scale to meet market demands. "Bacula Systems Professional Services has allowed us to make the transition from proprietary backup software, and escape vendor lock-in. Its backup solution is safe, dependable, and delivers high performance. Bacula Systems support services are very high quality", said Salim Gasmi, CTO of SdV Plurimedia.

New Strategic Partnerships

New Bacula Systems strategic partners include Red Hat, Sun, Ingres and MySQL, with distributor agreements being made with Amaziq Source in the Netherlands, and Commeo in France.

"Red Hat continues to grow its ecosystem of partners by working closely with Bacula Systems to offer the advantages of open source technology to the enterprise," said Petra Heinrich, Director Partners & Alliances, EMEA at Red Hat. "Bacula Systems' backup and restore offering is designed to run optimally on Red Hat solutions, including our virtualization technology, to help lower costs and boost operational efficiencies in large enterprise deployments."

Bacula Systems saw an expansion of its global reach through growing its partnership base and establishing resellers in strategic countries. Resellers that have recently committed to Bacula Systems are Dass IT in Germany, Software Products Italia and SOASI in Italy, Run Solutions in Spain, Linalis in Switzerland, Mandriva in France, Single Point Of Contact and Open Source Tailors in the United States, Abiss in Greece, ALT Linux in Russia, Dot TN in Tunisia, and Linux Systems Dynamics in South Africa. In addition, Bacula Systems has today announced its partnership with Smile (Premier Partner level), a leading open source integrator, with offices in France, Spain, Switzerland, Morocco and The Ukraine.

Bacula Enterprise Edition

The June 2009 release of Bacula Enterprise Edition software further accelerated Bacula Systems customer adoption rate in the second half of the year. Bacula Enterprise Edition offers a highly stable, scalable, certified backup and restore platform for the enterprise that is built on open standards and open source. Kern Sibbald, founder of and CTO and chairman of Bacula Systems, said: "The past year saw widespread adoption of Bacula in development and production environments alike, and strong support from the open source community. The level of interest Bacula Enterprise Edition has received verifies our product's ability to deliver the features large organizations need, without expensive and limiting licensing restrictions associated with proprietary products. We're thrilled with the number of downloads over the past year and are appreciative of the broad acclaim and endorsement we've received from across the industry."

New: USB Restore Key

Bacula Systems also today announced its USB restore key, which enables a bare-metal restore by booting from a high quality USB key. The key is designed to facilitate restoration of a system after hard disk failure or system breakdown.

Accelerated Development, Training and Certification Initiatives

Bacula has a growing community of companies working closely with it to develop Bacula software, through funded development initiatives and software contributions. Bacula Systems has also introduced a comprehensive calendar of training courses, designed and led by Bacula founder and project lead, Kern Sibbald. These high-quality training courses provide official certification for Bacula engineers, and are re-enforced with Dr. Sibbalds' copyrighted course material. 2009 also saw the first Bacula Conference, organized by German partner dass IT in conjunction with Bacula Systems. This conference was highly attended, and catered for both a commercial and technical audience. Bacula Systems also today announced its Customer Technical Advisory Board, where Bacula Systems leading customers provide feedback and technical advice in order to further improve Bacula Systems' technical roadmap.

"As the enterprise takes advantage of our subscription-based support, our training services are, in parallel, providing a certification path for Bacula Engineers" said Jack Griffin, CEO of Bacula Systems. "Our initiatives with strategic partners such as Red Hat are resulting in certification of Bacula Enterprise Edition on their platforms" added Griffin.

About Bacula Systems:

Bacula Systems provides the highest quality support, training and professional services for the Bacula open-source backup and recovery software platform. Bacula is the leading enterprise backup solution that is 100% open-source, free of license costs and adheres strictly to open standards.

First released in 2002, Bacula has eliminated the high cost and vendor lock-in of proprietary software for thousands of enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions around the globe.

Headquartered in Switzerland with offices in the US, the Netherlands, Germany and France, Bacula Systems was founded by the developers of Bacula in response to growing demand for professional support and services to match the quality of the open source Bacula software. More information at


    Rob Morrison
    Bacula Systems

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