Bad Teeth and Summer Fun Don't Mix, Warns Hamlin Dental Group

Painful teeth, bad breath and other dental issues are all serious summer-fun killers; they're also seriously avoidable.

Jun 07, 2013, 20:35 ET from Hamlin Dental Group

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As the place for a general or cosmetic dentist Los Angeles residents turn to first, Hamlin Dental Group would like to remind the public that it's time to end their procrastination once and for all and schedule that long delayed dentist visit to head off any nasty dental surprises in the coming months. The difference between a tooth cleaning, a filling for a cavity, or a root canal in Los Angeles is time. If you haven't been giving your teeth their due respect, now is the time to visit Hamlin Dental Group, the place for a dentist Los Angeles trusts most.

The old expression that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" applies at least as much to dental issues as anything else. In fact, the only way you can be sure to avoid having a summer vacation ruined by a serious toothache or missing out on a big day of summer fun because you're stuck in a dentist's chair is to get out in front of your dental issues early.

Having a cavity filled may not be anyone's idea of a great time, but it's a breeze compared to a root canal or having a tooth pulled out entirely – and a lot less expensive. The same goes for the preventive measures that can make the difference between the need for a deep cleaning to treat minor periodontal issues and having to suffer through the pain and embarrassment of full blown gum disease, complete with a nasty case of halitosis. (That's dental-speak for bad breath, which is not at all helpful for summer socializing!)

Of course, not all dental issues are the result of inattention – genetics and other factors can also play a major role. That certainly applies to crooked teeth, and if you or your kids can use some help in that regard, Hamlin Dental Group is the place to find the kind of outstanding orthodontist Los Angeles adults and kids appreciate for a skillful and gentle approach.  Hamlin also provides a full slate of cosmetic services for patients who'd like their teeth as attractive as possible this summer.

All of the outstanding dentists at Hamlin Dental Group are known for their constant concern with the comfort of patients at all times. These outstanding dentists understand that dental patients whose concerns are consistently addressed are much more likely to return for continued visits. No matter what a patient's individual concerns may be when it comes to their dental health, we pride ourselves on being the best listeners in modern dentistry.

If you've ever experienced serious tooth pain, you know that nothing can crimp your style worse at any time of the year – and everyone wants their teeth as attractive as possible. That's why now is the time to schedule your next dental visit. Free initial first-time consultations are available from Hamlin Dental Group. Just call 888-400-8011 or visit today. With locations in North Hollywood, Northridge, and Van Nuys, Hamlin Dental Group has spent decades up building up a solid reputation for gentle and effective dentistry.

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