Badgeville Enterprise Plus Takes Customer and Employee Journeys to the Next Level

Enhanced Platform Extends Gamification to Digital Motivation

Nov 17, 2015, 14:12 ET from Badgeville

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Badgeville, the global leader in gamification technology, today announced the launch of its Badgeville Enterprise Plus platform. The platform supports a wider range of enterprise applications, enables companies to recognize a broader range of behaviors, rewards social activities, offers new analytics and delivers first to market digital reputation for the modern enterprise.  The new platform solidifies Badgeville's position as the leader in enterprise gamification and digital motivation.

The growing demand for digital motivators, including gamification, are transforming businesses worldwide, improving productivity, accelerating skills development and providing businesses with more efficient and effective ways to improve the employee journey and customer success. Social collaboration, feedback funnels and building digital reputation are taking center stage in the modern workplace.

Badgeville Enterprise Plus delivers the industry's most advanced feature set to companies embarking on digital transformation, collaboration, social learning and other initiatives.  The new platform has four key feature groups that improve the audience experience and deliver context-relevant digital motivation across uses cases:

Advanced Engagement Engines.  The new platform takes advantage of new and expanded gamification engines that allow companies to recognize more people for more contributions across a greater range of uses cases.  Using this feature set, companies now have the broadest range of gamification options to increase the business impact of social, learning, workplace and mobile applications for individuals and teams. 

Digital Reputation. Badgeville now offers advanced visualization options for employee-facing and customer-facing applications. A new hosted service, Reputation Center, visually displays all achievements, expertise levels, skill attainment, certifications, and rewards earned by a user on a single page.  With this capability, Reputation Center transforms discrete gamification events into digital motivators, producing persistent, transparent reputation for all users. Another new hosted service, Advanced Leaderboards, provides sliding 7-day and 30-day game windows updated in real-time.

TrustIQ Gamification.  Badgeville is a platform all enterprises can trust with their most important data. The new platform's enhanced architecture protects vital data and ensures integrity with a new web tier to protect the application from direct access via the Internet, enhanced intrusion detection, audit and tracing capabilities and role-based security features. These features are designed to prevent data loss and protect the integrity of results for higher confidence.

Expanded Audience Analytics. The new Hadoop-based platform produces actionable insights at the application, project, user and group level.  Using pre-built reports and industry leading Tableau visualizations, companies have actionable insight into user activities, project progress, user success and milestones across applications.

According to Gartner, "Gamification works because it motivates and rewards people to follow the steps to achieve their own goals. In doing so, it generates emotional engagement because the feedback and rewards provided incentivize people to keep striving to attain their goals. Gamification offers a unique approach to addressing the demands of today's business." Use Gamification to Improve Sales Performance by Motivating Middle Performers, Samantha Searle, Brian Burke, Tiffana Bova, September 30, 2015

"Gamification is table stakes in the modern, millennial-focused enterprise," said Badgeville CEO Jon Shalowitz. "Customers are driving the gamification discussion beyond system and application engagement, demanding a solution that impacts broader organizational, cultural and business transformation initiatives. Reputation Center, and our new advanced gamification engines, answer the call, keeping enterprises ahead of the curve and adding digital motivation as the central tool to drive innovation and productivity."

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Badgeville digitally motivates all types of people to achieve their business goals in systems across the enterprise. By motivating customers, employees, and partners to perform their best individually and in teams, Badgeville is fundamentally changing the way people work.  With over 300 deployments, Badgeville promotes brand advocacy, increases audience engagement and personal reputation at industry leaders and innovators including American Express, Samsung, Walmart, Kendall Jackson and more. Founded in 2010, Badgeville is based in Redwood City, CA and New York City. 

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