Badgeville Launches ChannelMotivation™ to Ignite and Drive Channel Success

Delivering Digital Motivation to Channel Engagement

Mar 02, 2016, 10:57 ET from Badgeville

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Badgeville, the global leader in digital motivation, today launched ChannelMotivation™, a new solution designed to ignite and drive channel success.  Companies that rely on channels to sell and support their products often deploy systems to facilitate channel communities, training, deal registration and support.  With ChannelMotivation, enterprise portals, external communities and channel management systems can be linked via Badgeville's exclusive digital motivation architecture, generating layered recognition and rewards that strengthen, accelerate and provide insight into reseller performance, competence and alignment.

"Adoption, engagement and visibility remain huge issues in building and sustaining effective channels," said Jon Shalowitz, CEO of Badgeville. "Partners need recognition and rewards across digital touch points and companies need to visualize a 360° view of channel performance anywhere—whether through an application, website or mobile app."

Motivate and Measure Across the Partner Lifecycle

ChannelMotivation is a unique application of Badgeville's digital motivation platform, linking and sitting atop every application and touch point used by the channel—from community, advocacy, learning, deal registration, and marketing programs—to capture, measure and reward all partner activities.

Unlike single point solutions that cover individual components, such as learning, lead gen or sales productivity, Badgeville's system captures and aggregates the total rewardable universe, allowing companies to identify specific behaviors that lead to results. For example, with Badgeville, companies can correlate sales training with deal velocity or partner community engagement against revenue generation per-partner to gain a more complete picture of what works—and what doesn't—to drive partner success.

Badgeville Channel Engagement in Action

CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare organizations.  At CDW, Badgeville's ChannelMotivation solution was deployed on top of its training portal.  "The Badgeville solution drove a 56 percent increase in training completions per seller, resulting in a ten percent (10%) boost in sales confidence," said Maureen McDermott, Director S3 Capability at CDW. The solution rewarded sellers for in-depth solution knowledge, creating more value for CDW's customers.

Personalize & Prioritize Partner Success

By design, ChannelMotivation includes Badgeville's MotivationMetrics data discovery and advanced analytics system.  This enables channel managers to gain total visibility into the partner ecosystem, to see how behaviors correlate to performance and to identify new opportunities and weaknesses. Each partner is ranked with a Partner Engagement Score, a digital value that companies can use to prioritize activities with each partner. Partner managers can see if the training they're offering leads to increased sales.  They can pinpoint high-potential partners that could drive additional revenue if given the right kind of support to address those needs. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, they can identify and target under performers with specific incentives and support known to increase sales performance based on top-performers' data. 

Meanwhile, rewards and incentives can be personalized for individual partners, target audiences and products for a custom motivation and engagement solution that effectively drives desired results. And, because results are tracked in real-time, companies can immediately take steps to fine-tune programs to improve partner performance.

"No other solution provides this level of complete, end-to-end measurement and motivation that ties the entire ecosystem together," said Steve Sims, Chief Design Officer at Badgeville. "Badgeville's unique architecture enables companies to directly link the effectiveness of partner actions or training with deal quality and sales, to give partner program managers the insight and actionable data they need to improve overall channel performance."

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