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Alexander Moussaieff, Banc De Binary's Senior Broker, explains how the leadership problem has never been a problem in the online financial world

Apr 05, 2011, 06:18 ET from Banc de Binary

NEW YORK, April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Alexander Moussaieff, Banc De Binary's Senior Broker, explains how the leadership problem has never been a problem in the online financial world.

This week I met with some senior Binary Option leaders to discuss the future of employment in the financial industry. Toward the end of the discussion, we discussed the problem of how to develop future leaders in light of the fact that forced restrictions in the employment market have increased competition for new jobs. Experienced heads have remained, and market conditions have made it difficult to recruit, thus restricting leadership of youth. At Banc de Binary, it is key for leadership to develop now. Established, diversified institutions have retained older, more tired looking employees based on experience - they were once the future, but can they continue to extend their influence the same way as their peers? Or do they simply have no job to do? Binary Options paves the way in the modern, transparent online financial industry - so it is important to us to focus on youth that grows with the industry.

How will other industries sacrifice experience to future leaders when they require short-term results without risking the company's long-term gain? Do they simply hire the additional cogs to the process, or can they risk throwing youth in to the deep end?

It is a catch 22 - but we are fortunate at Banc de Binary, that the solution is embedded in the industry's movement in the market. The most obvious answer is usually to go where the jobs have gone and recruit from Binary Options outsourcers and vendors. But this is a new and constantly evolving industry - we cannot rely on outsourcers, and if we do, how can they identify a future leader? Speed, transparency and instant gratification is demanded by our customers at Bank de Binary.

Therefore, we must identify potential candidates with strong technical skills. But do they necessarily understand the intricacy of the business and can they exert influence and lead change?

To Banc de Binary's CEO, Oren Laurent, candidate ambition is obviously key and (mirroring qualities demanded in all industries) he admires the work ethic, drive and process discipline of the many interviewed. But, for all the technical ability, experience cannot be expected - we know here that Binary Options is at the forefront of the online financial industry's future. We do not need to foster motivation for change (from the inside vs. the outside), as we are part of the growth. We believe in leading and growing diverse teams together, so is there a need to deal with the process driven, repetitive (and at times tedious) responsibilities inherent in management roles?

It appears to us that if the external hires are perfectly qualified, hiring senior level leaders from the outside cannot guarantee results when such focus is on this alternative. The cliche in finance is that leaders are 'built not bought'. Think of what it takes for established and significantly large corporations to build their leaders, when diversification in their business is so vast. Cross boundary moves, from line to staff, from region to corporate, from Asia to the United States to South America, from manufacturing to IT to marketing. At Binary Options, we are fortunate that the Online Binary Options industry is at the stage where older corporations found themselves at the beginning. We value the importance of tried and tested career growth procedures - however, our philosophy is to keep our development in line with the demand of our industry.

It appears that this leadership problem is not ours. As the world of finance continues to gear toward a more transparent and faster online future - demanded by our Binary Option clients - we decided to build future leaders alongside our experienced peers. It is a solution that has solved itself - has proven to be accessible, innovative and successful. It is our privilege to employ those in line with our vision.

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