Bankers Healthcare Group Welcomes Medical Journalist And Media Personality Dr. Mike Magee To The BHG360 Blog

Jan 21, 2016, 08:09 ET from Bankers Healthcare Group

DAVIE, Fla., Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Bankers Healthcare Group, the leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals, is publishing a new BHG360 blog series from medical journalist, author and media personality Mike Magee, M.D.

The 5-article series will be published Wednesdays starting January 27 until February 24, 2016. Dr. Magee provides a preview to each article:

1. "The New Patient - Health Professional Relationship: Wellness Walking describes the latest research regarding the power of the patient-physician relationship and its role in forming social capital in healthy societies. Three growth areas for clinicians are highlighted - active listening, joyfulness and role modeling."

2. "Health Information Technology: An Underutilized Resource makes the case for health information technology as a humanizing force in health care. Clinicians are provided five questions to explore whether their attitudes toward technology are progressive and constructive."

3. "The Role of a Home Health Manager: Inclusion in the Health Care Team considers a modern approach to all of the human resource aspects of family health care. It defines health as human potential; considers the emergence of 4 and 5 generation families with competing needs and limited resources; and advocates for active inclusion of a lead family member (Home Health Manager) as an active member of the health care team."

4. "Roadmap to Health: Integrating Community Resources explores the role of community resources in the modern practice of preventive health care. The reader is introduced to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's 'County Health Rankings & Roadmaps' which allows practices at any location in the U.S. to explore what community resources are available to their patients and how their patient population ranks statewide on a range of public health outcome measures."

5. "The Secrets of Humanistic Care explores the basics of team-based, humanistic care. Using a NICU team as an example, the principles are applied to outpatient settings with a focus on inclusion, knowledge and accessibility."

"In the shift from old models of paternalistic, reactive and interventional care to anticipatory, team-based, inclusive preventive care, health professionals need to think more strategically about their roles as leaders of the health delivery team," Dr. Magee continued. "What is health really but the maximization of human potential? How do we best connect patients to information, community resources, extended family and each other? What are the social determinants of health, and what are the quality of these resources in your own patient catchment area? Who is taking the family lead in each of the families you care for, and how could this person become enfranchised as a member of your care delivery team? And finally, what is your care philosophy, your strategy for delivering high quality humanistic care? This series is a personal audit for the modern, progressive health professional, designed to consider and improve the fundamental underpinnings of a successful, holistic, preventive health care practice."

Dr. Magee is president of Positive Medicine Inc., a health leadership and communications firm committed to transforming powerful health visions into action. He is widely recognized as a visionary leader of the home-centered health care movement, a champion of lifespan planning records and has advised the Institute of Medicine, the AMA, the AAMC and the AHA on these topics.

He is past-president of the National Association of Physician Broadcasters. His widely acclaimed, open access, advertisement-free website,, enjoys broad readership and is consistently ranked among the most respected health blogging sites. He is a frequent guest on broadcast television, on speaker platforms and a former NBC Medical Editor. He has authored 10 books and over 100 scientific articles.

He serves as Senior Fellow for Health Policy at the Center for Aging Services Technologies, is a member of the Board of the National Alliance for Caregiving in Washington and is a member of the National Commission for Quality Long Term Care.

He has served as Senior Fellow in the Humanities to the World Medical Association and as a David Rockefeller Fellow.

He is former Senior Vice President of Pennsylvania Hospital and former Global Vice President of Science Policy and director of the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative at Pfizer Inc.; an Honorary Master Scholar at NYU School of Medicine and Professor of Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine; and former chairman of the board of the Kennedy Center's Very Special Arts for the Disabled.

Dr. Magee's special research interests include social health capital, multi-generational care models, inclusion of family caregivers in the health care team, the social impact of the patient-physician relationship, the use of technology to humanize and coordinate health care, strategic and customized health planning and the use of formative experiential learning to increase empathy levels in physicians and nurses.

Dr. Magee and his wife Trish have 4 children and 10 grandchildren, and live in West Hartford, Connecticut. For more information, visit

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