Banner Night for BAMKO at PPAI Supplier Achievement Awards

Jan 20, 2016, 08:35 ET from BAMKO, Inc

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BAMKO, Inc. had a banner night last Tuesday evening at the annual PPAI Supplier Achievement Awards held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Los Angeles-based merchandise sourcing and promotional products agency took home three Pyramid Awards, which "represent promotional excellence at its best by shining a spotlight on distributors' creative use of promotional products for a variety of client programs and initiatives."

BAMKO was honored with two separate awards for its innovative DIRECTV Bucks program, earning recognition in both the Employee Incentive Programs category and the Sales Incentive Programs category. BAMKO earned the unique distinction of taking home top honors across both categories.

Heralded for its success both in driving employee engagement while simultaneously generating measurable results in increasing sales, BAMKO's DIRECTV Bucks program is "a perfect reflection of what makes BAMKO so unique within the promotional products industry," said BAMKO Chief Executive Officer, Philip Koosed.

"The DIRECTV Bucks program has been so successful due to so many distinct BAMKO teams functioning seamlessly together. This success was based on a combination of deep dive demographic trend analysis in the product curation process, our programming team developing a sleek, customized e-commerce solution, and BAMKO's unparalleled thought leadership in devising creative ways to drive brand loyalty. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with a great brand like DIRECTV to help usher in the next generation of promotional programs."

BAMKO's big night was not confined to its success with DIRECTV, however. BAMKO also received a Pyramid Award in the all-important Consumer Programs category for its efforts in Reebok's 2015 launch of its new flagship athletic shoe, the ZPump Fusion.  Regarded as Reebok's largest shoe launch in over a decade and perhaps the biggest rebranding effort in company history, BAMKO partnered with Reebok in its wildly successful global product launch.  The Consumer Programs Pyramid Award recognizes measurable and quantifiable success in the use of promotional products to raise brand awareness, drive sales, and introduce new products to consumers.

"When done correctly, there is no better marketing tool than a well orchestrated promotional products campaign," said Jason Schwartz, BAMKO's Chief Operating Officer. "The success of the ZPump Fusion launch came down to understanding brand image to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. Our creative design team did an amazing job conveying the essence of Reebok's aggressive, fitness-oriented design aesthetic. We are over the moon that Reebok's campaign was so well received and that PPAI thought enough of it to give us this award."

About BAMKO, Inc.
BAMKO is a full-service retail merchandise sourcing and promotional products agency established in 1999. With offices in the United States, England, China, India, and Brazil, BAMKO is a 24-hour-a-day operation with a truly global reach currently serving over 550 of the world's most successful brands. BAMKO works with its clients to provide a wide range of supply chain solutions, including world-class design, sourcing, production, product development, quality control, testing, logistics, and delivery of goods for clients across the globe.

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