Banyan Water's Data-Driven Water Management Solutions Save Businesses And Organizations 1.75 Billion Gallons Of Water To Date

Smart Water Technology Company Achieves Milestone Amid Drought Conditions and Rising Cost of Water

Sep 10, 2015, 09:12 ET from Banyan Water

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Banyan Water, a leader in the emerging field of smart water management, reached a company milestone by saving commercial and institutional clients 1.75 billion gallons of water to date – enough to fill 2,650 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Since 2011, Banyan Water's clients nationwide, including corporate facilities, educational institutions and multi-family housing communities, reduced their water footprints and operating expenses, even as drought conditions continue to affect a large portion of the United States.

"With our suite of technologies, we manage water savings proactively, not reactively, and we're proud of the results we've achieved for clients to date," said Gillan Taddune, chief executive officer of Banyan Water. "Real-time data collection and analytics, such as those that Banyan Water provides, are an essential component of effective water management, especially under drought conditions. The more we know about water use, the better we can be at saving water and reducing costs on monthly utility bills."

Banyan Water recently introduced a number of new products and features aimed at meeting the needs of commercial, institutional, and multi-family water users.  In April the company launched Irrigation Insight™, a flow monitoring and leak detection and mitigation solution that works with any existing irrigation system. The company's latest technology, SmartRate™, is a water management tool that translates water consumption into dollars spent, giving users valuable data to help manage budgets and achieve sustainability goals. SmartRate works in tandem with Banyan Water's initial technology offering, Smart Irrigation, which consistently delivers 60–80 percent outdoor water use savings over clients' prior use, as well as its Flow Monitoring solution, targeted at indoor water use.

The newest water management dashboards on Banyan Water Central, the company's web platform, display a range of product-specific key performance indicators that transform water data into actionable intelligence. Data are summarized at both the portfolio and property levels, allowing users to understand how and where water is being consumed over time. The addition of the SmartRate technology to Banyan's dashboards enables a specific breakdown of water-related costs and also provides cost projections based on water use behavior.

Banyan also recently released a number of software tools specifically tailored to the needs of landscapers and irrigation technicians. Designed to be used on mobile devices while at properties, these tools help landscapers test, troubleshoot and verify performance of irrigation zones to ensure the system is in proper working condition, which is a key component of long-term water efficiency.

Banyan also recently expanded its operations into five new states:  California, Missouri, Kansas, North Carolina and Tennessee.

"We've begun working with clients in California during a time of prolonged drought, when conserving water is of utmost importance," added Taddune. "Water restrictions alone are not enough to significantly reduce water use during drought, as they represent 'quick fixes' that are limited in scope and effectiveness. While we're excited about reaching this milestone, Banyan Water will continue to set the bar high for helping our clients achieve long-term, sustainable results when it comes to reducing water waste."

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