BATS Europe Sets Dutch, Swiss Records; Second US Equities Exchange Live Oct. 15


Oct 01, 2010, 14:15 ET from BATS Global Markets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. and LONDON, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- BATS Europe set monthly market share records in Dutch and Swiss indices in September while BATS Exchange maintained its position as the world's third-largest stock market operator, executing about 10% of all US cash equity share volume.



On Oct. 15, BATS Global Markets will launch BATS Y-Exchange (BYX), with plans to offer a unique pricing structure to US equities customers. BATS Global Markets is the holding company for BATS Exchange and BATS Europe.

"As we near our second anniversary in Europe, we're extremely pleased to see continued growth in so many of the markets in which we operate. Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordics and Switzerland, in particular, are all areas where our market share is outpacing our expectations," said Joe Ratterman, CEO of BATS Global Markets and BATS Exchange.

"In the US, we're certainly looking forward to the launch of BYX as we believe this market will attract liquidity removers looking for aggressive pricing," he said.

"As for our existing US exchange, BZX, we are proud to achieve 10% market share in an environment that is increasingly difficult for lit venues such as ours. As internalization continues to increase we are gratified to see our market share remain stable and, in fact, improve, in relation to the major exchanges with whom we compete," he said.

Mr. Ratterman added that BATS Options, which reported significant improvement during the month, continues to expect about 3% market share by year end.    

Among global equities market operators in August in terms of value of shares traded, BATS Exchange remained in third place after NYSE and Nasdaq and well ahead of all other US exchanges, as well as those in Tokyo, China, Paris, Germany and London. September data is not yet available.  

Additional September Highlights:

 BATS Exchange September Volume & Market Share Summary:

  • Average total handled volume of 830,876,222 shares daily (includes odd-lots)
  • Average matched volume of 715,513,221 shares daily (excludes odd-lots)
  • Average internal match rate of 88.3%

  • Matched market share for Tape A securities of 7.4%
  • Matched market share for Tape B securities of 15.5%
  • Matched market share for Tape C securities of 11.3%
  • Matched market share for all securities of 9.9%
  • Total notional value traded of $467,051,351,837 (excludes odd-lots)

BATS Europe September Volume & Market Share Summary:

  • Average daily notional value traded of euro 1,910,256,136 for all markets
  • Average daily notional value traded of euro 35,262,552 for the BATS Europe Dark Pool

  • Market share for FTSE 100 securities of 9.3% (3rd highest in firm history)
  • Market share for FTSE 250 securities of 4.9%
  • Market share for FTSE MIB securities of 6.9% (3rd highest)
  • Market share for CAC 40 securities of 4.9%
  • Market share for DAX 30 securities of 5.6% (matches record)
  • Market share for AEX securities of 6.3% (new record)
  • Market share for BEL 20 securities of 3.7% (matches record)
  • Market share for SMI securities of 8.1% (new record)
  • Market share for OMXH25 securities of 7.3% (2nd highest)
  • Market share for OMXS30 securities of 5.1%
  • Market share for STOXX 50 securities of 6.4% (2nd highest)
  • Market share for all securities of 5.6% (matches 2nd highest)

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