Batteriser Battery Life Extender Launches on Indiegogo; Raises More Than 300 Percent of Funding Goal in Day One

Batteriser technology extends the life of perceived 'dead' batteries for financial and environmental savings

Jul 29, 2015, 08:30 ET from Batteroo

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The crowdfunding campaign for Batteriser, the reusable sleeve that slips over batteries and boosts the voltage to extract their remaining energy to extend their life, launched this week, raising more than 3x of its goal in the first 24 hours of the 30 day campaign and is now looking for support to increase this sum over and above 1 million dollars in the remaining 28 days of the campaign. Batteroo Corporation is offering early pre-orders of Batteriser as perks to early funders.

Almost all disposable batteries are thrown away with a significant portion of their energy still in them, unused. Stainless steel and less than one-tenth of a millimeter thin, Batteriser uses micro-circuitry to tap into a battery's remaining energy. Batteriser works with new and most used disposable batteries, extending their life and improving their performance all the while helping consumers save money too.  Each year, there are billions of batteries that end up in landfills with as little as 10-20 percent of their energy consumed. Of the annual consumption of 15 billion disposable batteries globally, it is estimated that only 2% are recycled. If one was to line up all these batteries back to back, it would make a line of batteries that would wrap around the earth more than 18 times, Every Year!

"By unleashing existing but unused power, and extending battery life, Batteriser technology saves consumers money, energy and raw material to manufacture all those batteries, and finally cuts the number of batteries that end up in landfills resulting in a significant impact on our planet and environment " said Batteroo cofounder Bob Roohparvar Ph.D. "This Indiegogo campaign is the best possible way to get these products directly to the consumer and into devices all around the world."

Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will receive Batteriser sleeves before they are available in stores and online this fall via perks that include multipacks of Batteriser sleeves for AA, AAA, C, and D-cell batteries. Retail prices will start at under $10.00 for a pack of four AA and AAA.

"Those humble-looking silver shims…can squeeze an incredible amount of power out of batteries that your devices consider dead," wrote reporter Lee Matthews. "Batteriser is coming to let you get every last bit of power from your disposable batteries."

"Once the battery manufacturers grasp what Batteriser can do—assuming it works as advertised—they might be worried by this simple gadget," wrote Jon Phillips, editor in chief of PC World. "Batteriser has the potential to not just disrupt but practically detonate an industry that has a stranglehold on so many household appliances."

Challenging that $14 billion disposable battery market is another reason Batteroo seeks crowdfunding. The company has already refused outside investment from a firm with ties to a large battery company because of concerns that its disruptive technology would be killed before ever reaching store shelves.

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About Batteroo
Batteroo Corporation is an innovator of intelligent voltage management and delivery systems. Its Batteriser is a sleeve that makes contact with the positive and negative ends of a common battery to access untapped remaining energy at a steady-state system voltage. Batteriser can extend the life of disposable alkaline batteries by up to 800 percent, saving consumers money and saving landfills from toxic battery waste that results in soil contamination and a laundry list of negative environmental impacts. Batteriser has been tested and proven compatible on a variety of battery-operated home and office gadgets, including wireless keyboards, noise-cancelling headphones, Xbox and Wii controllers, TV remote controls, walkie-talkies, digital scales, electric toothbrushes, toys, portable radios, flashlights, and blood pressure monitors. The company was cofounded by Bob Roohparvar Ph.D., who holds more than 20 patents in his 30-year career in power management, semiconductors, and consumer products and Frankie Roohparvar who holds more than 500 patents. For more information visit

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