Batteroo Announces Game-Changing, Disposable Battery Life Extender for up to 800 Percent Additional Performance

Batteriser to have significant impact on disposable energy market and the environment

Jun 02, 2015, 08:30 ET from Batteroo

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year, over 15 billion disposable batteries are consumed globally. What most consumers don't realize is that most devices only tap 20% of a battery's energy before the device stops functioning, and the batteries are thrown in the trash. Batteriser lets you tap into the remaining 80 percent of energy that is usually thrown away. The result is batteries last up to 8x longer.

Batteriser is a reusable sleeve that slips over new or most "used" batteries, and instantly taps into the remaining energy that is usually thrown away. Crafted from stainless-steel at less than .1 millimeters thin, Batteriser sleeves are designed to easily slip over your battery and fit neatly back into your device.

A typical disposable battery can have as much as 80 percent of its energy remaining before electronic devices regard it as powerless. Batteriser is able to access that wasted energy much like a drinking straw allows us to reach the bottom of a glass. Batterisers can also be used with new alkaline batteries for similar savings and performance gains.

Batteriser, currently the only device of its kind, will be available for AA, AAA, C, and D-cell batteries. Retail prices will start at under $10.00 for a four pack of Batteriser sleeves.

Batteroo Corporation was cofounded by Bob Roohparvar Ph.D., who holds more than 20 patents in his 30-year career. Roohparvar is no stranger to disrupting the power management industry, with a prolific patent portfolio. His career spans power management, semiconductors, and consumer products. Dr. Roohparvar is also a professor at California State University, East Bay, teaching computer science and computer engineering courses.

"Batteroo is the first to unleash existing unused power from a seemingly powerless battery, and by extending battery life by up to eight times, Batteriser pays for itself with the very first purchased pack," said Roohparvar. "Why throw away perfectly good batteries, or waste money buying new batteries, when we now have a technology that saves money, saves energy, and can cut the number of batteries that end up in landfills by more than half."

"When we get a new battery it is 1.5 volts, when we use it in a device it goes down to 1.3 volts under load condition, at that point we consider it to be dead and throw it away" said Dr. Kiumars Parvin, Professor of Physics at San Jose State University. "We tested the Batteriser sleeve in our lab and we confirmed that the Batteriser taps into the 80 percent of energy that is usually thrown away."

The $14 billion disposable battery market is estimated to be powering 5.4 billion battery-operated devices - That's 15 billion batteries consumed annually worldwide. Only approximately two percent of these batteries are disposed of properly. The rest are thrown away, leading to soil contamination and a laundry list of negative environmental impacts.

Roohparvar credits the innovation to an intelligent voltage management and delivery mechanism. Batteroo introduces this system in the format of a sleeve that makes contact with the positive and negative ends of a common battery to access untapped remaining energy at a steady state system voltage.

Batteriser has been tested and proven compatible on a variety of battery-operated home and office gadgets, including wireless keyboards, noise cancelling headphones, Xbox and Wii controllers, TV remote controls, walkie-talkies, digital scales, electric toothbrushes, toys, portable radios, flashlights, and blood pressure monitors.

Batteriser harnesses untapped battery energy and at the same time saves the consumer money and is environmentally friendly by sparing landfills from unnecessary toxic battery waste.   

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