Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizers Valentine's Day Sale Raises Awareness That AntiBacterial Acidic Electrolyzed Water Provides Dermatitis Relief And Exhibits Anti-Aging Properties

Feb 04, 2014, 09:25 ET from Bawell

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading water ionizer manufacturer Bawell is committed to raising awareness on natural therapies that provide relief from the many health issues affecting the world's growing population. They show this commitment by coupling sales on their popular water ionizing equipment with publications of scientific and medical research which have been conducted due to the alarming increases in rates of disease being reported across the globe. "The rate of disease is quickly rising" a Bawell representative explains, "because our environment is becoming polluted with more toxins every day. The ongoing Fukushima radiation leak into the ocean is just one example, so to was the use of toxic Corexit dispersant in the Gulf oil spill, this is an accelerating global problem."


2014's Valentine's Day sale will shed light on scientific and medical studies published on PubMed, especially one study titled "Electrolyzed-reduced water scavenges active oxygen species and protects DNA from oxidative damage."  This PubMed study was conducted to prove the benefits of using electrolyzed reduced water as an effective treatment against free radicals.  The scientific and medical PubMed abstract began by reporting that, "Active oxygen species or free radicals are considered to cause extensive oxidative damage to biological macromolecules, which brings about a variety of diseases as well as aging."

The Bawell representative continues by explaining how the study found, "The ideal scavenger for active oxygen should be 'active hydrogen.' 'Active hydrogen' can be produced in reduced water near the cathode during electrolysis of water, which is what our water ionizers do," explains the Bawell representative. These findings are reported in the medical and scientific abstract - PMID: 9169001.

"Another scientific study reports findings that Atopic Dermatitis and other skin diseases can also be treated effectively by using acid electrolytic water," the Bawell representative explains, "like the acid water produced by our water ionizers." This PubMed study is titled, "Reduction of Staphylococcus aureus in atopic skin lesions with acid electrolytic water--a new therapeutic strategy for atopic dermatitis."

This PubMed scientific and medical study continues by reporting that, "Colony counts of Staphylococcus aureus on skin lesions in the acidic electrolytic water group, both 3 min after spraying and after 1 week of skin treatment, were significantly decreased as compared with colony counts before treatment, while there was no significant difference in the placebo group before and after treatment." These findings were reported in the PubMed abstract - PMID: 9360754.

The Bawell representative states that, "These type of findings are responsible for our decision to hold sales on our alkaline water machines, like the current Valentine sale we are holding.  We want everyone to have the natural benefits of using electrolyzed water, which is why Bawell reduces prices from time to time with holiday sales."

The Bawell representative also explains, "Electrolyzed water is also a great natural disinfectant for food because of the antibacterial properties that have been proven in similar scientific studies." In the PubMed scientific study titled, "Effect of electrolyzed water for reduction of foodborne pathogens on lettuce and spinach" electrolyzed water is shown to kill bacteria in 3 minutes.  "This disinfection of food is yet another use for the water produced by our water ionizers," the representative states.

The PubMed scientific study reports that, "Lettuce and spinach leaves inoculated with Escherichia col O157:H7, Salmnonella Typhimurium, and Listeria monocytogenes were treated with acidic electrolyzed water (AC-EW) and alkaline electrolyzed water (AK-EW). After a 3-min treatment with acidic electrolyzed water the populations of bacteria were reduced below the detection limit. However alkaline electrolyzed water did not reduce bacteria populations," (PMID: 19241556). This study proves the effectiveness of using acidic ionized water for soaking fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria, it also proves that using alkaline ionized water for the same purposes is ineffective, a common misconception among consumers.

The Bawell website is filled with information on how to use their alkaline/acid water filtration systems in your own home. Natural cleaning with acidic water in addition to alkaline drinking water benefits are just some of the many uses for ionizers. There is also information on why purifying the public tap water, or well water used for drinking is your most economical and cleanest drinking water source. To take advantage of the Valentine water ionizer sale, or to get more information, visit