Bawell reports on the many uses of Water Ionizer Machines and advises consumers on how to avoid Alkaline Water Scams this Easter Holiday

Apr 10, 2014, 08:15 ET from Bawell

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Alkaline water Bawell water ionizers produce is often thought of as being used strictly for health purposes. Many scientific and medical studies show overwhelming data that electrolyzed reduced water (what alkaline ionized water is called by the scientific community) can help with a variety of different health issues including leukemia, along with other types of cancers and tumor growth, acid reflux, diabetes, gout, and intestinal issues plus many other illnesses.

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Bawell alkaline water machines produce this electrolyzed reduced water in many different pH ranges, along with different ORP readings. The machine's controls can also be set to produce strong acidic water with a pH around 3.0 to 4.0 that has great anti-bacterial properties. This type of water is used to soak fruits, vegetables, and meats for cleaning and sanitizing purposes since it kills surface bacteria and removes pesticides. Toxins and chemicals are more readily removed from foods making them healthier to consume, without using any added chemicals for cleaning.

Using a water ionizer to make acidic ionized water with low pH values of 4.0, 3.0, or even water as low as a pH of 2.0 along with a high positive +ORP value of +600 to +800 can be a great anti-bacterial agent and chemical remover. This ionized water can be used to naturally wash out cuts and scrapes on the skin, and can also be used to kill bacteria on the skin like atopic dermatitis, or to even soak the feet and kill toenail fungus and bacteria on the feet. Acidic ionized water has been proven to be good for providing relief for other skin conditions like psoriasis and people have even reported that it naturally kills bacteria found on the scalp which causes dandruff. Weak acidic water around a pH of 5.0 can be used to exfoliate the skin on the face since it acts as a natural astringent making the skin tighter and smoother for makeup application and removal.

Along with all these great uses there are many other applications for high and low pH electrolyzed water that have extreme ORP values. High pH alkaline water that has a pH of 11.0 or 12.0 along with a -700 to -800 ORP value makes a great degreasing agent. It can be used to wash greasy pans, some auto mechanics use this type of water along with their degreasing soaps to remove grime and oil easily and more naturally from their hands or to clean and soak machine parts.

Only a water ionizer machine that treats the water with electrolysis creates electrolyzed reduced water with all these different uses as well as alkaline ionized drinking water with its many health improving properties. People who have read information about using baking soda or other chemical additives to raise the pH of water for drinking, as a cheap and easy way to receive the same alkaline water benefits, should know that this is not true and does not confer any health benefits. Adding something like baking soda to tap or bottled water (or adding anything else, even alkaline minerals to the water) will only raise the pH of the water, this method will not incorporate any of the medically researched health benefits. This higher pH water that is produced will not be electrolyzed reduced, or alkaline ionized, because electricity is required to produce this type of water that has been studied and found to possess health improving properties. Studies like this medical abstract titled "Electrolyzed-reduced water protects against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein" explain how water produced from a water ionizer can provide health benefits. These medical studies do not say "alkaline water" produces the health benefits, they indicate "electrolyzed reduced water" or "reduced water" or "alkaline ionized water" or "ionized water" as responsible for the health benefits. 

This is a very important fact for consumers to know, that there is a whole world of difference between "alkaline water" and "alkaline ionized water", they are two separate things, they are not the same. It is a fact that clever marketers of "baking soda additives" or "using a water ionizer stick" or "natural alkaline water filter systems" use to trick people into purchasing low cost gimmicks in place of the electrolysis devices. If you take a look at many of these so called "natural" water ionizer systems, you will see they are simply reverse osmosis systems with one additional mineral adding filter which adds minerals and raises the pH of the water. Others are simple off the shelf 2 or 3 stage water filtration systems that you can get from the Home Depot or Lowes for $50 to $100 dollars with a mineral adding filter which raises the pH of the water above 7. These marketers slap the name "natural alkaline water filtration system" on it, then tell you that water ionizers are harmful or dangerous, which is why you should buy their natural systems. The truth is these people are just the newest innovators among the many "alkaline water scams" that have come and gone over the past 10 years. Don't fall for it, educate yourself, adding minerals or chemicals like baking soda to water only raises the pH and does not incorporate the beneficial properties like –ORP or micro-clustering which leads to faster re-hydration of cells within the body.  

The fact is these so called "natural" methods like adding additional copious amounts of minerals or baking soda can lead to many serious and potentially fatal health problems. If you are one of those people who are doing this, or have been so unlucky as to see YouTube videos of people telling you to do this, overconsumption of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate or Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate) can lead to "metabolic alkalosis, edema due to sodium overload, congestive heart failure, hyperosmolar syndrome, hypervolemic hypernatremia, hypertension due to increased sodium, milk-alkali syndrome, which can result in metastatic calcification, kidney stones, and kidney failure"(Wikipedia). People or companies advocating over consumption of baking soda like additives or the use of "natural" alkaline water systems which raise the pH with additives are imbeciles who know nothing about these harmful effects or simply do not care and just want to make a quick buck. Read the medical research for yourself, learn the difference between the two before you inadvertently harm yourself or worse, your loved ones. Visit and search for yourself, search for "electrolyzed reduced water", "alkaline ionized water", "ionized water", and "reduced water".  Pubmed is the best and most reputable location to conduct your research, avoid YouTube and any alkaline water scams website. If you don't want to read though Pubmed, links to a large number of their medical studies have been compiled for you here. If you happen to visit a website, where they tell you about the negative effects of water ionizers, claiming it is not natural, or that it is harmful, then offer you up a cheaper alternative, they are clearly perpetrating an alkaline water scam. 

A water ionizer works by separating the minerals which are naturally present in water. In nature, water is usually around a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 and in some mountainous regions it can be as high as 8.8 to 9.8 with an above average alkaline mineral content. When you buy an alkaline water machine, you are separating the alkaline and acidic minerals which are naturally present in your source water, the water you would naturally drink if you did not have the machine. You are not adding anything to the water, you are just drinking more of the alkaline minerals in the water. This is the most beneficial alkaline water you can get, similar to that found in mountain streams, which has more alkaline minerals because of all the rocks and mountainous terrain that the water has passed over.

Bawell water ionizers are now on sale for Easter. Learn more about the many different uses for the acidic and alkaline water they create by visiting their website. Even though water ionizer machines can make water with pH values above 10, they are not for drinking, but are for other uses, like cleaning. People are very confused about alkaline water and water ionizers, they don't know what water pH and ORP to drink, or who to believe and trust. You will find in depth coverage on different alkaline water health benefits, explanations on how water ionizers work, and guidance on the proper pH and ORP levels to drink by visiting the Bawell water ionizers website.