Baynote Adaptive Web Suite Delivers Innovative New Products for Digital Marketers to Improve Customer Acquisition, Conversions

- Baynote Search Insights suggests proven-to-perform keywords that increase new visitor acquisition in paid-search and other channels

- Baynote Adaptive Landing Pages dynamically generates new landing pages using most relevant content to enhance engagements and conversions

Oct 28, 2010, 12:00 ET from Baynote

CHICAGO, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- FORRESTER'S CONSUMER FORUM -- Baynote, a leader in personalization and digital marketing optimization, has announced two new products as part of its Adaptive Web Suite™, which launched earlier today: Baynote Search Insights ™ and Baynote Adaptive Landing Pages™. Powered by Baynote's UseRank® technology, Search Insights and Adaptive Landing Pages enable digital marketers to acquire new visitors to their websites, and increase user engagement and conversions once there. With this announcement, the company significantly expands on its existing search capabilities and position as a pioneer in social search.  

Search Insights and Adaptive Landing Pages are the only products on the market that use the collective experiences and engagement patterns of like-minded individuals to automatically uncover new keywords and target on-site content that has been shown to drive engagements among users who displayed similar intent. This approach eliminates the need for marketers to manually fine-tune their search programs and landing pages all the while drawing high-quality visitors to their sites, and ultimately leading to increased engagements and conversions.

According to an independent research report(1), "Today, even many of the smartest search marketers focus just on the top of the funnel: optimizing bids for placement or customer acquisition. But potential customers can't convert if their post-click experience isn't relevant." The report recommends that search marketers, "understand searcher intent, not just keyword use," and "collaborate with site masters to create on-site experiences that match customer intent. Searchers want landing pages that answer their questions."

The details for these two new offerings are as follows:

Baynote Search Insights

Search Insights is an optional add-on module to the Baynote Optimization Center that suggests onsite, organic and original search terms that have been used by the community and are proven to increase onsite engagements and conversions. Marketers use Search Insights to augment their paid-search and social campaigns, as well as SEO content to improve acquisition of new visitors via organic search as well as online marketing campaigns while increasing return on ad spend (ROAS). Features and benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Suggestions – Goes beyond suggesting new keywords based on search popularity by proposing terms the community used in onsite, organic and original search queries that led to strong site engagements and conversions. This allows marketers to uncover and capitalize on long-tail keywords that other solutions may overlook entirely;    
  • Integration with PPC Management Vendors – Includes numerous data export options that allow digital marketers to feed Baynote's keyword suggestions and extensive keyword performance data into their existing solutions or on to their digital agencies;
  • Reduced Operational Costs and Time to Value – Helps marketers acquire new visitors for a fraction of the cost of competing solutions thanks to a lightweight SaaS implementation and intuitive management console;
  • Adaptive Web Suite Integration – Allows marketers to seamlessly expand their conversion optimization efforts through easy integration with the rest of the Adaptive Web Suite.  

Baynote Adaptive Landing Pages

Adaptive Landing Pages dynamically generates new website landing pages using the most relevant products, content and videos. By offering highly relevant landing page content that effectively matches visitors' current intent, marketers see dramatic increases in time on site, engagement rates and conversions, as well as minimized bounce rates. Features and benefits include:

  • Real-time, Automatic Page Optimization – Generates dynamic landing pages automatically, avoiding labor-intensive data reporting/analysis and manual updates to landing page content;
  • Rich Set of Adaptive Components – Provides the ability to deploy a variety of  components across existing landing pages, including keyword-driven recommendations, community search terms, page headers, and further-reading suggestions;
  • Universal Recommendations – Enables marketers to recommend products, articles, video and more on all landing pages as well as on other website pages;
  • Adaptive Web Suite Integration – Like Search Insights, allows marketers to cost-effectively expand their optimization efforts with additional Adaptive Web Suite applications.

Company, Customer and Partner Comments on Search Insights and Adaptive Landing Pages

"Digital marketing has historically focused too much on tracking clicks and conversions, unable to measure and capitalize on content engagements," said Carlos Carvajal, VP of Marketing at Baynote. "With these two new offerings, we aim to help marketers better respond to the real-time intent of unique visitors, and uncover effective keywords that are currently missing from paid search, SEO and other marketing initiatives."

"Our business is highly seasonal, which means we have a small window of time to move products. It's imperative that we immediately capitalize buying trends and consumer interests," said Scott Blair, director of eCommerce at Sun & Ski Sports. "We are looking forward to working with Baynote in our search marketing efforts to both uncover timely keywords that drive visitors to our site as well as dynamically adapt our landing pages to convert more of that traffic."

"As the largest and fastest growing channel for online acquisition, paid search has become increasingly competitive and advertisers need to maintain a high degree of relevance to maximize conversions," said Matt Lawson, VP of marketing for Marin Software. "Baynote's Search Insights will help our joint clients uncover long-tail keywords that can drive more website engagement and also be leveraged in search marketing efforts."

For More Information

Both offerings are available now. To learn more about the adaptive web, you can read today's Adaptive Web Suite press release or visit our Vision page. To schedule a demo, call 408-973-1889, ext 4.

About Baynote

Baynote provides personalization and digital marketing optimization solutions that power the adaptive web, an emerging standard in customer experience that is always personal, relevant and convenient. By observing engagement patterns among like-minded individuals to understand user intent, the Baynote Adaptive Web Suite™ automatically optimizes and adapts the online experience, leading to increased conversions, revenue and loyalty. Baynote's customers include: AT&T, CA, Dell, Expedia, Intuit, Fox, Urban Outfitters and VEVO. The company is based in San Jose, Calif. with additional offices in the U.K. and Germany. For more information, please visit

(1) The Future of Search Marketing, Forrester Research, Inc., August 11, 2010

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