Be Attentive to Your Beloved Bikinis -- RELLECIGA Offers 8 Tips on Bikini Care

Jul 26, 2012, 09:00 ET from

SHENZHEN, China, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Bikini season is upon us! Every girl is crazy about this most exciting season of the year, as well as her most revealing outfit of the year - the bikini. This year, many girls find their now shining bikinis in RELLECIGA online stores, or on eBay.

As one of the finest bikini brands available in the marketplace, RELLECIGA is among the best. One of many primary causes of its accomplishment would be the RELLECIGA angels used for the marketing and promotion campaigns currently being performed; the great determination in design and quality control is also, no doubt, a factor. Almost every RELLECIGA Bikini contains the following features:

  • Ultra flexible shoulder strap with built-in perfectly elastic rubber band
  • Stainless steel pallet underwire
  • Bottom pant provides an antiseptic & germproof facilitate paste
  • 1/2 mild push-up cup
  • High quality side tie with built-in elastic rubber band
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Stepping hardware back closure

However, buying a bikini is one thing, taking care of one is another. Most girls don't want their bikinis to fit for only one season, do you?

Girls, love your bikinis? Treat them with some care and they will love you right back. So here are some hints for you:

  1. First things first: try hand-washing your bikini within a couple of hours of wearing them. Use cold water and non-harsh detergents.
  2. Always remember: do not tumble dry your bikini, whether it was bought from, which is an authorized reseller of RELLECIGA Bikinis, or on eBay, dry them on the line in the shade.
  3. Do not keep your bikini in a ball scrunched up, or left in a wet towel.
  4. Sun tan oils can damage bikini, as do self-tanners. Try and keep this type of thing off your bikini.
  5. Chlorine, in particular, fades materials. Try and wash in clean water quickly after swimming in such environments.
  6. Use the beach showers at the beach to rinse off the salt from your bikini.
  7. Electrolux or Whirlpools and other hot tubs (washing machine) are not friends of your bikini – they can result in damage.
  8. Sitting on rough surfaces – like the aggregate surrounding a pool rim – will result in snags on bikini

In the ways above, when buying bikinis, no matter how cheap a bikini can be, it will always be smart to make choices among those with good quality as well as fashion styles. Then, care for them with attention. RELLECIGA always puts quality and style in the first place.

Girls, be attentive to your beloved bikinis! We hope the tips offered above help!