Be Confident to Show Your True Colors - the Spirit of RELLECIGA's Lately Released Doodle Print Bikini Series

Aug 02, 2013, 09:30 ET from from ,RELLECIGA

HONG KONG, Aug. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The popularity of RELLECIGA's ("RC" for short) Doodle Print Bikini Series was palpable from the get-go. Triangle tops with neon yellow ties, bandeau tops with an open "V" wire, or bandeau tops with a neon pink halter, each of them is highly welcomed in North America, Australia and Europe.

Designed in Paris, RELLECIGA is always leading the trend. This summer's trend is all about punk, inspiration from street culture, and a mix of doodle prints and vivid colors. The patterns seem to be random and messy, but the idea of making this Doodle Print Bikini Series is simple - speak out your mind in your way, and inspire the world by your actions.

The designers of RC are talented magicians who can easily make our lives more wonderful and the one who designed this series is one of them. He is a huge fan of punk music and has been to Avril Lavigne's concert in Canada. His soul was deeply moved and then an idea suddenly occurred to him - why not bring the punk spirit to more people and inspire them? The teens and tweens of the 21st century are not afraid to show off their personalities and want to speak their minds out loud to the world. This matches the spirit of punk perfectly: don't be afraid to show your true colors and just be yourself! You are a unique individual in this world.

This idea inspired him and he couldn't wait to begin designing right after the concert. However, the studded leather elements of punk were too much. What's worse, it was too heavy for summer, the beach and seaside. He wanted something different, so he used the doodle print in the bikini's design creatively. The random pattern and vivid colors of this series together bring something sexy, something fresh, something rebellious and something dynamic out of you.

Getting in on the trend can be easier than you think - just add super skinny jeans, ripped shirts or cutout dresses to your closet. However, it is the spirit of punk that counts and to find clothes carrying this spirit of punk rock is harder. The designer of RC knew it well, so he devoted himself into making a series of bikinis that have soul. And finally he made it - swimsuits eventually became the statement of ladies.

The spirit of punk rock is to speak out loud in your own voice and this is what RELLECIGA wants to bring you - be confident to show your true colors, no matter what other people may say. If you are the one who is inspired by this spirit, don't hesitate to visit RC's official website: or its authorized reseller: If you happen to be in or near Houston, its new retail outlet is definitely able to give you a special shopping experience: 116 Sharps Town Ctr, Houston, TX and the phone number is (281) 968--4849.

The most unique women in the world wear the most unique bikinis - this is always a dream of RC's designers. Last time, they led the trend of lace bikinis and made them hot sale items all over the world. This time, they lead the trend again and bring with them a series of women's bikinis that have a punk soul. People can't help but imagine what they will bring us next time? Granny chic style? High waist bikinis? Or Digital print bikinis? Let's wait and see!