Be the Creator: Design Your Own Video Game Using Physical Building Blocks at Toy Fair New York 2016

Bloxels: A First of its Kind Technology

Feb 11, 2016, 07:00 ET from Pixel Press

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pixel Press invites all Toy Fair New York 2016 attendees to be the creator of their own video game using Bloxels, a first of its kind game and technology.  Players create entire worlds — characters, levels and stories — by simply building with blocks and capturing the gameboard with the camera on their mobile device. Players can then design, edit, configure and animate their content directly in the free app, ultimately creating their very own unique video game. Become a Bloxels builder at Toy Fair New York February 13-16, 2016 in the Bloxels booth #3255.

"Bloxels is a true game changer in the evolution and technology of video games, enabling gamers to create their own stories and characters through the combination of a hands-on gameboard, blocks and a classic video game engine," said Robin Rath, founder and CEO of Pixel Press.  

How Bloxels Works
Bloxels is the most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.  Games can be made in as little as five minutes by simply building the layout, characters and art on the Bloxels gameboard using an array of the 250 colored blocks.  Each color represents a different element: for example yellow are coins, pink are power-ups, and green is terrain.  Take a photo of your gameboard with your mobile device camera and the free app – available on Apple, Android or Kindle tablets & phones – then animate, edit and configure what you designed and built to be brought all together, shared and played!  

Bloxels Features
Bloxels is a build-and-play game where players can choose and change their perspective, providing nearly endless opportunities for exploration and gameplay.  The physical and digital tools allow players to design, investigate and iterate, removing traditional boundaries and opening up enriched, shareable play experiences.  Players can unlock upgrades, download new characters made by other players and more via in-game currency received by sharing and creating (no purchases required!).

"Bloxels provides kids a chance to show off their personality, passion, creativity and skills," said Daniel Wiseman, founder and Creative Director.  "By becoming a Bloxels Builder, you are the artist, the game designer, the storyteller, the programmer, the publisher and the player."

Bloxels is recommended for players ages 8 years and up and is perfect for aspiring creators and makers. Bloxels is now available at all US locations of Marbles: The Brain Store and at the Bloxels Online Store for $49.95, plus shipping and handling.

About Pixel Press
Based in St. Louis, Pixel Press makes games for your whole brain. The video game development and technology company develops platforms to simplify the process of video game creation by starting with real-world objects.  By merging the physical and digital worlds, Pixel Press is focused on creating experiences that empower people of all ages to create, share and play. For more information, visit


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