Be Your Own Guru. Introducing Yuru, the Premier Destination for Health and Wellness

Offering Puts Telemedicine, Social Networking, Customizable Health Insurance and Tracking Tools in the Hands of Individuals

Oct 12, 2010, 08:00 ET from Yuru

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- YURU (, the world's first multi-platform, customizable and individual health and wellness destination, today announced its consumer launch -- backed by California physicians and supported by the world's leading healthcare providers.  Yuru offers consumers a "one stop wellness shop" to help them get on the path to living a healthier life.  From a revolutionary and state-of-the-art Telemedicine service to a "Build Your Plan" individual health insurance offering, consumers will be able to proactively track and monitor their health and wellness from and place their progress on their own social networks.  

"Yuru is a brand that was born out of a growing need to not only get consumers more educated on what is available to them online in terms of health and wellness insight, but to truly empower them to make the right proactive decisions when it comes to choosing to live a healthier lifestyle," said Drew McManus, SVP, Products, Yuru.  "Health and Wellness doesn't have to be a confusing and complex machine that is prohibitive.  In fact, if done correctly, living a healthier lifestyle should be fun, intuitive and easy—and that is what Yuru is all about."  

Yuru gives individuals a unique and customizable set of tools to not only evaluate their current health and wellness progress, but also help them proactively plan and customize new alternatives that will put them on a path to better living.  One of Yuru's most unique features centers around Telemedicine and an alternative to long wait times in doctors' offices riddled with inefficiencies and personal inhibitions.  Through Yuru's advanced "real-time" video conferencing service (by using a standard webcam), patients can be seen when it's most convenient for them.  Unlike most current Telemedicine offerings that only focus on general practitioners, Yuru's feature offers patients specialty services such as endocrinology and pulmonology as well as fitness training, weight training and even dietician advice to name a few.

Additionally, Yuru gives consumers access to individual healthcare plans designed around their specific needs and backed by the world's leading providers such as Blue Cross and Kaiser-Permanente.  From real-time quoting and plan details to interactive walkthroughs to help consumers better understand the complexity housed inside medical insurance information, Yuru's Individual Insurance feature stands alone in a sea of mass confusion and sameness.  Yuru also offers consumers access to their own electronic medical records (EMR), feature syndication to social communities and even a wellness leader board designed to show individual progress on the path to a healthier lifestyle.  

"Basically, we took a hard look at all the various pain points and struggles that consumers face when dealing with health and wellness issues and decided to make things easier for them by putting it all in one place and on their own terms," continued Mr. McManus.  "Once we understood what people were looking for, we designed an easy-to-use interface and even easier-to-use set of features in order to offer simple solutions to complex health and wellness challenges."

In development for over two years, Yuru is now available for every day use by consumers.  For more information or to "Be Your Own Guru," visit or call:  1-877-YURU-123.

About Yuru

Yuru, the world's first "one stop" health and wellness destination, offers consumers individual and customizable tools to help them on a path to a healthier lifestyle.  Yuru offers features and services ranging from Telemedicine, Individual Health Insurance, Electronic Medical Records, community and share tools, Wellness trackers, educational and professional advice and content and alternatives to help people feel better and live better.  Based in Bakersfield, California – Yuru is backed by board certified medical physicians and is in partnership with the world's leading insurance provides to truly offer consumers something unique, usable and proactive in the world of health and wellness.   Be your own guru.  Yuru.