Beam Me Up! Gigas Pioneers New Technology that instantly zaps Running Virtual Servers from one continent to another

"Teletransportation" to reduce enterprise cloud infrastructure costs by at least 50 percent while optimizing speed and flexibility

Apr 29, 2014, 09:00 ET from Gigas

MIAMI and MADRID, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Gigas, Spain's leading cloud hosting provider with 3,000 customers and offices in five countries, announced a new product today that will dramatically change the way global enterprises allocate their cloud resources. Gigas Teletransportation allows organizations to instantly and seamlessly migrate virtual cloud servers from one continent to another with the simple click of a mouse, without rebooting the server or changing the IP address.

"What we're talking about is the ability for companies to instantly shift and adapt their cloud resources to coincide with changes in global traffic," said Diego Cabezudo, Founder and CEO, Gigas. "This enables peak performance around-the-clock without the need for duplicating servers in multiple geographic areas. That simple difference can cut costs for many companies by 50 percent while optimizing speed, service and business continuity. The fact that it can be done without rebooting the machine or changing its public IP address is unique in the world and further validates Gigas as both a service and technological leader in the enterprise cloud space."

Teletransportation is available for all Gigas Cloud Datacenter customers in Europe and Latin America. Unlike virtual machine migration offerings from other providers (which are limited to the same datacenter or zone), Gigas clients can transport running, virtual machines from one continent to another as many times a day as required, no public IP address changes, reboots or special training required. This allows customers to "follow the sun" by continuously reallocating resources throughout the day, so datacenters are always closest to where their customers are. This eliminates the need for duplicating resources in different geographies, allowing companies to do more with less.

"As a global gaming company representing major league sports brands, speed and performance are paramount to our success," says Jose Poveda, CEO, From The Bench ( "Teletransportation is the perfect solution for us because it allows us to deliver a superior customer experience while directly reducing our cloud infrastructure costs."

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