Beanitos, the First Corn-Free, All-Bean Snack Chip, Proves That a Tasty Chip Does Not Have to Be a Guilty Pleasure

Doug and Dave Foreman, Creators of the Original Guiltless Gourmet Brand, Continue to Stay Ahead of the Industry with Successful Launch of Beanitos, Their Second Major Foray in the Snack Chip Business

Mar 30, 2010, 10:53 ET from Bean Brand Foods

AUSTIN, Texas, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative snack chip industry veterans Doug and Dave Foreman have done it again.  The Foreman brothers' Bean Brand Foods today announced the successful launch of their first snack chip, Beanitos (  Beanitos is a nutritional powerhouse: a corn free, gluten free, low glycemic, 100% whole bean snack chip packed with Omega 3s, protein and fiber.  The taste?  Crunchy and delicious, the way a snack chip should be.  



After the company's January, 2010 introduction in its hometown of Austin, Texas, Beanitos hit its first major food tradeshow, Natural Products Expo West 2010, in California.  Judging from the overwhelming and enthusiastic response, the Foreman brothers appear to have once again challenged the status quo, and forced the industry to take notice.  "Supermarket Guru" and sought after industry luminary, Phil Lempert, reviewed Beanito's Pinto Bean and Flaxseed Chips, and wondered aloud, "Could these be the perfect chips?"  He anointed Beanitos, "A hit."    

Bean Brand Foods was founded with one simple mission, to develop healthy snacks based on simple, real ingredients such as beans and whole grain rice.  According to Doug Foreman, CEO of Bean Brand Foods, "The packaged foods industry has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and deservedly so.  The amount of corn and corn derivatives such as high-fructose corn syrup in most snack chips is reprehensible.  We have generations of people who continue to consume an unhealthy amount of these cheap, filler corn products.  My mission is to offer snack chip lovers a tasty alternative that fills them up with real and healthy nutritious ingredients."    

What makes Beanitos so healthy and so delicious?  

  • Real ingredients.  They're made with whole beans – either black or pinto – and combined with whole grain rice or whole brown flaxseed.
  • Home baked.  Whole beans are carefully sorted, washed and cooked in small batches.  The resulting "dough" is shaped and cut into round chips.  The chips are baked, and then flash fried in pure vegetable oil and dusted with sea salt.
  • Nutritious calories.  Beanitos are high in fiber, which provides a satiated, "full" feeling faster than ordinary, empty calorie chips on the market.  Beanitos chips have more fiber in a single serving than many potato and corn chips provide in an entire bag!
  • Magic beans.  Beans are naturally loaded with health benefits such as vitamins and minerals.  Black beans and pinto beans are also high fiber and low glycemic.  

Beanitos' black bean and pinto bean varieties are available for sale at and  They can also be found in a wide selection of specialty and grocery stores nationwide, including Central Market, H-E-B stores, Sendiks and select Whole Foods Market locations.  

To find out more about Beanitos chips and the superior taste and healthy snack experience, visit or join Beanitos on Faceboook at  

About Us

Bean Brand™ Foods is dedicated to the research and development of delicious and innovative all-natural healthful food products centered on the powerfully nutritious yet humble legume.  An Austin, Texas, based company formed in 2009 by brothers, Doug and Dave Foreman.  Together, the Foreman brothers have more than 60 years of food industry expertise, primarily focused on the better-for-you and natural snacks space.

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