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Jun 14, 2013, 15:28 ET from DryNites

LONDON, June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Summer holidays are an exciting time for all the family, but being away from home and a familiar routine can be a source of stress and anxiety for children, which may result in little bedwetting incidents. Bedwetting is a fairly common occurrence and one which parents should not worry about as there are a number of things you can do to make things easier, ensuring you enjoy your time away.

Using absorbent sleepwear is one way to help your child if you are worried about their dryness on holiday. Although DryNites® don't offer a cure to bedwetting, they can help you and your child cope with any accidents, by keeping clothing and sheets dry so you and your child can sleep with confidence. DryNites® pyjama pants are designed to be worn discreetly under nightwear, looking and feeling like real underwear, with a thin absorbent pad that draws wetness away from the skin.

For those children who occasionally wet the bed, DryNites Bed Mats offer a perfect solution for a comfortable night's sleep. The mats have a special stick and stay-put feature which ensures they stay in place while your child is asleep. The mats are highly absorbent, discreet and extremely easy to use, offering the perfect solution to keeping children dry.

  • Many children are afraid of the dark so ensure they have easy access to the toilet at night and make sure the route is well lit
  • Not only is a bath before bedtime great for playing and having fun, but it's also an ideal way to start winding down and an opportunity to chat about your day together
  • It is important to ensure your child's bedtime routine is similar when they are away to the one they are used to at home, so pack plenty of their things to offer them familiarity
  • Reading a story, singing songs, talking or having a cuddle are all ideal for taking the attention away from bedwetting. Make your child's room cosy by keeping the lights low
  • DryNites® will help your child get a good night's sleep by keeping them dry all night, and also give them confidence on an overnight trip
  • Lots of reassurance for any children who express concern about bedwetting, whether at home or away, will boost their confidence and help them go to bed feeling happy

Log onto the DryNites website to request a free sample and for further advice and information to help you and your child manage this phase together.    

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