BEEcube will be Exhibiting at the Embedded Systems Conference 2011

Mar 31, 2011, 15:30 ET from BEEcube Inc.

FREMONT, Calif., March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- BEEcube Inc. will be exhibiting at Embedded Systems Conference 2011 from May 2-5, 2011 at booth 2416 in the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA. This will be BEEcube's first year exhibiting at the Embedded Systems Conference.

BEEcube will be showing demonstrations with the BEE3 and BEE4 hardware platforms.  One of our demonstrations is a video processor reference design where captured date streams are downloaded via Gigabit Ethernet, and analyzed based on a remote workstation using industry-standard waveform viewers for low-level RTL signal debugging. And within the same design remote-access of dual 2GB frame buffers in native frame format, which allows live video to be delayed, paused, or manipulated in real-time, using uniquely simultaneous "full-speed" RTL level and application level debug features.

The other demonstration is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) reference design that highlights BEE3 as an SDR prototyping platform - using our FPGA based continuous wideband vector signal generator, controlled by software in real-time via Wind River's VxWorks over Gigabit Ethernet, with carrier frequency tone sweeps ranging from 0 to 2GHz. The ADC expansion board simultaneously captures analog output with data being displayed directly and integrated with Matlab.  BEE3's ADC can sample up to 3 GHz, offering a true direct RF sampling capability.

"This is our first Embedded Systems Conference," says Joseph Rothman, BEEcube's Sr Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  "We are very excited about being here.  Many high-end embedded communication and high-performance computing designs now use FPGA prototyping as a system "proof of concept."  There is nothing better than trying out your system design against full speed user case data.  You can do that with a BEE3 or BEE4 system"

About BEEcube

BEEcube, a leading provider of advanced system-level FPGA prototyping platforms, was founded in 2006. Spinning out of the University of California, Berkeley, BEEcube's founders include the best academic minds in Silicon Valley and are credited with founding a number of leading companies, including Atheros Communications.

There are nearly 200 BEE systems deployed worldwide in major corporations and top universities. Corporations currently using BEE systems include: Xilinx, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Boeing, Hauwei, Lincoln Labs, Aerospace Corporation, and Thales Group. Leading universities include: University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Barcelona Super Computing Center, Tokyo University, Tsinghua University, and Peking University.

For more information contact or visit the website: Telephone: (510)252-1136. Facsimile: (888)700-8917. BEEcube's corporate headquarters is based at 39465 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite 3700, Fremont, CA 94538.

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