Beintoo Wins LeWeb 2011 Best Startup Competition - Further Extends Gamification Platform to Mobile App Developers with Appcelerator Partnership

Dec 20, 2011, 11:00 ET from Beintoo




SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Beintoo (, a gamification platform for mobile app developers that brings game mechanics, real-world coupons and advertising channels to a scalable ecosystem of mobile apps, was selected as the winning startup at LeWeb in Paris earlier this month. Beintoo was also one of the hand-picked vendors to distribute its self-service gamification SDK in Appcelerator's launch of the Open Mobile Marketplace, which provides mobile app components and services to their 1.6 million developers. This partnership extends the reach of Beintoo, which is already serving nearly one million active daily users of popular mobile apps including Fruit Ninja, Asteroid Defense, and Heroes Battle.

Beintoo is building a community around the idea that gamification and engagement is accessible to smaller developers of mobile apps. The SDK allows developers to select from a number of socially oriented game mechanics including achievements, leaderboards, social graph, messaging, challenges and rewards – and customize the experience to unite users across the app ecosystem. With Beintoo, challenges are extended across multiple apps so that users are encouraged to try new apps they may like. Users can play alone or form alliances with other players to earn Bedollars and Bepoints, which can be redeemed for both virtual and real-world rewards, such as free music downloads, discounts at a favorite restaurant or a free spa day.

Also new to Beintoo today are sponsored missions and achievements.  With this new feature, developers can host sponsored achievements, embedded into the missions of their apps as well as other hosted apps, creating a true cross-app marketing and monetization experience.

"The business model is simple," said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO and co-founder of Beintoo. "Don't charge publishers or developers and allow sponsored missions to increase developer engagement, distribution and exploit monetization at all ends. We are replacing the old pay per download model and creating a true pay-per-engagement model that benefits everyone."

Since the launch of Beintoo in April 2011, the company has defined its niche in the gamification space, and is already reaching 25 million users worldwide. Beintoo has secured more than 200 partnerships with developers of all sizes – including Deonn Games, Olive Media and Halfbrick Studios, known for one of 2011's most downloaded games, Fruit Ninja. Beintoo created a rewards layer within the Fruit Ninja app whereby users compete for the highest score, and earn tangible redeemable rewards through local and national offers.

About Beintoo

Beintoo, an Italian company founded in 2010, has created a gamification platform for mobile apps that feeds into a true app ecosystem based on engagement, sharing, and rewards. Launched in April 2011, the Beintoo community of nearly one million members can share experiences, form alliances and complete cross-app challenges to earn real world rewards. For more information visit Beintoo on Facebook, Twitter or join the community at

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